Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Naming a blog is like naming a child

Naming a blog is like naming a child, except more people see it, and if you choose a dumb name, you can't blame it on post-labor narcotics.  On the up side of blog naming, you can use more words that "Debbie" or "Fred" so it's possible to create something a little more specific.  Also, my blog won't one day grow up and despise me for sticking it with a stupid generic name and change it's name to Natasha (oh so exotic) only to find that it's parents won't ever call it Natasha and so said blog finally gives up and goes back to its original name cringing every time someone calls it out because it evokes strong images of 1970's feathered hair and roller skates...anyway, I hope I've chosen well.


  1. I love the name! Looking forward to reading it! You've already got me! You are incredible!

  2. congrats on joining "blogdom" I did it because of my girls... I didn't know you then, but many of us 'girls' had those awkward teen days in our past...

  3. I am here. Congratulations on your new baby. This has the potential of becoming nearly as consuming as the children you have to feed everyday.

    I am still a girl. When I stop being a girl I will have become an old woman and that will make me sad. It is only men that fret over the, "I am not a boy, I am a man" thing.

    This will be fun. I look forward to you entertaining my brain. I love you and miss you some days so much it makes me ache. Dianna B. xoxoxo