Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rainy Days and Sundays Always Get Me Down

Well, that’s not exactly true.  Rainy days are some of my favorite days, but Sundays are just a big pain. To quote Orson Scott Card, “Sunday morning is designed to let sinners have a sample of the first day of eternity in hell.”  By saying that, I am violating like every expectation of my chosen religious culture where most people praise their Sabbath days and the rest who feel like I do, (or who may be vegetarians or Democrats) keep their mouths shut, because like Momma said, “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.”

So, now that I’ve stated to the 2.5 people that actually read this blog that Sundays are just not my favorite day of the week, I can expect either acceptance from whose who know me and all my reasons why Sundays suck, or some well meaning suggestions on how I can make the Sabbath more meaningful to me personally, at which point I kindly say, “Thank you for trying to lead me to salvation.  But this is my row to hoe and everyone has their stuff.”

One the other hand, on this rainy day, I would like to use this opportunity to explain why rainy days rock.

1.  Rainy days signify the opportunity to bake chocolate chip cookies.  Seriously, it’s a law, you should look it up.

2.  Rainy days make it possible to get all those things done around your house that have been piling up, like cleaning out closets, touching up paint and updating your blog...but not on this day of 'rest'.  A-hem.

3.  Rainy days provide the perfect opportunity to take a nap…not that any of us would admit to this in our ever-so-rushed world, but snooze on, Sleeping Beauty, you deserve it.

4. Rainy days remind me of April in Paris, May in Montreal, and that one Tuesday in October that autumn falls on in Montana.  

5. Rainy days remind me of the morning my son was born.  I remember walking out on our little balcony at home and watching the rain come down in sheets before we went to the hospital.  My thought was, “Heavenly Father loves this boy so much that he weeps to see him leave his heavenly home.”

Yep. Rainy days rock.


  1. You write well, you are funny, pretty, and we love you a lot:)

  2. I agree about Sundays sucking most the time. I swear I have to give myself a pep talk as that day nears...crap it's only two days away now.