Monday, November 1, 2010

Butter To The Bread Of Life

Since the moldy pumpkins and fake spider webs have been swept from the porch (only the real webs remain) and November is now upon us, I gladly welcome this season of Gratitude.  Blustery skies, falling leaves, and cozy nights next to the fire allow time for reflection on the year past. I personally have much to be grateful for.  I could ramble on a list like many who are posting their gratitude on Facebook updates, but instead,  I would like to send my gratitude out into the Universe to all who have lovingly shone their personal sun of  mindfulness upon me.  I have long said that it's really my friends and family who make me who I am, and to you, dear ones, I dedicate all my gratitude this season.

To long lost friends who gave love and laughter, thank you.  I have bright memories because of you.

To new friends, welcome, I can't wait to get to know you better.

To those who shaped me as a child and young adult, and who, by far had the most difficult job, I stand in awe of the time and love you gave and give.  Thank you for being patient with me as I learn to 'get it right'.  You are pillars of strength and super-heroes, one and all.

To my friends who speak volumes with one word, who call at the exact right moment, who send a note in the mail, pick up children, make a meal, lift the hands that hang down, and shower undivided and absolutely pure love, I adore you.  You make my life rich and full.  You are instruments of extravagant love.  Because of you my life is vibrant and joy-filled.  You make the path easier to trod, and I am glad and grateful to share the journey with you.

To the old souls in new bodies that I get to walk with for a little while as your mother: you are amazing.  You are love embodied.  You light up everyday just by being who you are.  You shower peace and acceptance with every action and word.  Just by being yourselves, you make the world a better place.  I am so glad I have front row seats to your life!

And to the One I get to spend my days and nights with, listening to the dance of little feet, as we laugh and work together, I say: I am glad we walk as one...and you know the rest.

Friends are the butter to the bread of life.

And for them, I am grateful.


  1. And to you my friend, you made me feel welcome when I felt alone, you gave me hope when I felt there was none, and brought laughter when I felt there was no joy left. No matter the miles, no matter the days, months or years, you have a place in my heart that will never be filled and you will be one of those friends that I will have forever and will look for in Heaven spreading all that lovely Lisaness that belongs to only you. ;&hearts

  2. You make the world a much better place. Of all the people who knew me taught me self respect and what a true christian is. Thank you for everything dear girl.

  3. You need to write a book...seriously. Diary of a Square Toothed Girl, the novel. Get crackin'

  4. Let me know when the book is ready. I want a number of copies to share with others. Thank you for being you.