Friday, November 12, 2010

The City of 3000

Mountain Man and I have long operated under the theory that no matter where you live, you associate with approximately 3000 people. Unless of course, you find yourself living in Booger Hollow, Arkansas, population 6--(probably because it's named Booger Hollow)  in which case, your will have to include road-kill and boogers to make it to 3000.

Anyway, these 3000 people are the ones you see on the Metro, on the bus, at the grocery store, the gym, work, church, etc... London, Montreal, Bend, OR-- it doesn’t matter, your daily patterns probably take you past the same people everyday... and chances are, you probably know the same ones that I do.

For instance, in my City of 3000, there’s the sweaty guy (like water slide sweaty) at the gym who never wipes down the machines after he's done.   There’s the mail carrier who dutifully delivers your mail everyday without complaint.  There’s the car salesman who stands in front of you in the line at Starbucks every morning and who, while simultaneously hitting on the server, tries to sell her a car.  There’s the guy in your neighborhood who walks by your house and engages in spirited conversations with the voice in his head.  And my favorite, the little lady who walks her dogs around the block several times a day, all the while chatting to them like old friends.  

In the City of 3000, every soul counts.  Every person is the center of their own novella, the star of their own movie and the superhero of their own comic book.  And while each of us plays our own lead role, we are also a supporting or peripheral character in another’s story.

I’m sure I play the weirds-mo, who dances to her ipod, while mowing her lawn each week. Or I play the sleepy mom who drops off kids at school every morning, while wearily wiping last night’s mascara from under her eyes as she hustles little one into class.

In any case, each of our stories overlap and touch one another and sometimes collide.

People in the City of 3000 can be jerks, crazy, and just mean.  But people in the City of 3000 can also be kind, generous, and loving, even to strangers.  Saint Augustine said, “Our whole business in this life, is to restore to health the eye of the heart whereby God may be seen.”  People in my City provide the opportunity to do just that.  

I am grateful for my City of 3000, for the considerate mail carrier, the sweet little lady who walks her dog past my door, and the compassionate neighbor-- all who make the day a little lighter, and my City a little brighter.  And I’m even grateful for the mean, and the crazy, who make my City interesting and illuminate the goodness of others just by being here.

Thanks, City of 3000.

Who do you see in your City of 3000?  Share it here!

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(May your fields be filled with fat cows and lots of eggplant! :) 


  1. Since my town only has about 800 full time residents, I'm sure I fall short of that 3,000. But I am especially grateful for the excess numbers that live in distant locations that I have my regular Internet contact with. Most of which is closer contact than with most I brush shoulders with here in my little town every day. ♥

  2. I am so grateful to be in your city of 3000 with you. Although....I have found that 2840 of them seem to all fall into the koo koo range. :) Makes life interesting! I heart you!!

  3. You forgot to mention the "honking" frinds who pass by when you're painting. Glad you're in our City of 3,000. YEP, Marcie there are some like that, especially afer Dark.