Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Future of Skipping School

Welcome to Diary of a Square Toothed Girl's new and improved site!  Don't be alarmed, I have a bit of an itch when it comes to change--usually this is fulfilled by simply moving every few years or so, but I don't feel like packing right now, so a blogging face lift will have to do.

In order to prepare you for today's post, here are some pictures of yesteryear just to get you in the mood for our topic today: Skipping school.

That's my 2nd grade self--what's up with the corsage?

Me on the phone, before I started hating the phone...
but long after I started running from the paparazzi.

Our High school production of Grease,  I'm 2nd from the left with my hand
 on my hip giving "Summer Lovin" some soul.
What was I thinking???

Today was a day full of parental chauffeuring, bill paying and cleaning and it got me thinking as I tried to get my daughter excused from school for a dentist appointment:  Skipping school isn't as easy as it used to be.

After calling in the proposed appointment and being transferred through 3 different secretaries, this is what I heard:

“Now, you realize you will need to come in and sign her out?”  said the secretary with the very nice Australian accent that I wish I had.
“Excuse me?”  I replied, confused.
“You will need to come into the building and sign for her.”


Apparently, they also wanted to see some identification, a recent credit history, and my firstborn child, but lucky for me, she is my first born so that was one hoop I didn’t have to jump through.

Now, I’m grateful that the school is tightening their security precautions, but it makes me wonder about the future of school skipping.

Back in the day, when I had to walk to school up hill, both ways, and wrapped newspaper around my feet for shoes, skipping school was simply a matter of your best friend calling in for you and off you went to spend your afternoon napping on their couch, going to the movies, or holding hands with your boyfriend in his car. (Hey--This is a ’G’ rated blog.)

In any case, skipping school was a sacred, right up there with freedom of speech and the right to carry a rifle on the gun rack in the back of your truck.  Just kidding, that was Mountain Man’s high school, not mine…

Anyway, high school was a lot less stressful because I wasn’t there all that much.   Usually, the day went something like this:

7 a.m.  “Zero hour” early morning English class with a man who apparently did not own one single pair of socks and who had a predilection for choosing risqué pieces of English lit to read to us.  Ew.

8 a.m -Noon--a couple more classes, break, boredom, and my mind wandering to figure out which sickness to spring on the school nurse that day to get out of class.

Noon-3 See ya!  Checked myself out of school by having best friend call from the phone in the lobby, or forging a note from my mom who has the has the easiest handwriting in the history of the world to copy.  This simultaneously made me miss Math for Dummies, PE, and some other class my 36 year old brain has since forgotten.

Now, you may be wondering how in the world did I graduate?  Here it is:  I had good grades.  That was the era when your grades alone could not only get you into a good college, but the half-hearted study habits you formed in high school (as well as an aversion to math) served as the lack luster foundation for graduating from college with honors and preparing me for a life of writing a grammar-challenged blog which you read everyday.

Ah, times were simpler.

Ah.  There I am, obviously scheming for more
ways to creatively skip school.

What are some of your fond memories from yesteryear?  
What creative excuses did you use to skip school?
How is your child's school experience different than yours?

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Join us in celebrating the simple moments of everyday life!


  1. My oldest children are skipping all week. And they went as far as Hawaii to do it.
    Sorry it did not snow for you today ;)

  2. I didn't have any creative excuses, but in high school, a friend and I would drive to my fathers work every other Friday and have him and one of his co-workers call in sick for us. He would give us $20 and we would see a movie and eat lunch.

  3. I don't have any cool memories, just wanted to say that you are so awesome. I look forward to all your posts!:)

  4. Haha, ours is A "Family Emergency"... Or we just never give one.. The high school thinks I have a crazy abnormal and useless family.. But we all know we are normal!

  5. Aversion to math! Aversion to math! Weren't we tutored together because of our mutual aversion to math?