Friday, December 24, 2010

Fantastic Favorites Friday

This week has been filled with children running in the house, sleeping in (hallelujah!), and lots and lots of baking in preparation for the upcoming Christmas festivities.  All of this celebrating got me thinking more about the small moments that made my week full of joy.  Here are my top picks (in no particular order) for this week:

1.  Sledding.  Wind whipping through frost covered eye lashes as you race down the mountain at break neck speeds...ah, winter. 

2.  Tasha.  While I usually give my friends and family nick names on Diary Of A Square Toothed Girl, for some reason, Tasha defies this rule.  She is so sassy, no mere nickname can contain her. Tasha is from the south and any conversation with her is littered with the words "Honey!" "My land!" and "Y'all!"  Except when Tasha says it, it sounds like, "Huuuuuuunnneeeee!  Ma lahhnd!"--and well, "Y'all".  These phrases express anything from mild annoyance to utter astonishment and I find myself, after talking to her, uttering, "Huuunnneee!" to everyone I meet for at least a week.  Tasha and I are separated from one another by a large mountain range now, and we don't get the chance to talk as often as we'd like to; but each and every time we speak to one another, I am left with the feeling that there is something good in the world--especially a world where drawling expressions of amazement dot the conversation like friendly smiles.

3.  Baking with kids.  I have two small people in my possession who are two of the most hilarious and generous souls to ever walk the earth.  And doing anything with them is an absolute delight.  This week, in honor of the two hollow legs that belong to Mountain Man, we decided to do our best to fill them up with baked goods.  We made gingersnaps, lime cookies, currant almond sugar cookies and these luscious little chocolate things topped with white chocolate that my son ate like they were the last cookies on earth.  Baking with my kids is a joy.  It was fun to have the time to relax and engage in something we enjoy doing together...and eat cookies too.

Notice the terrifying and 'glowing' red eye!
4.  The "Man" in the box.  My son likes to create villains and super-heroes in his spare time...and, as he is currently unemployed, he finds himself with a lot of spare time on his hands, so you can imagine the plethora of cartoon characters we have around the house.  Usually these creations are confined to the page, but this week he went multi-dimensional and created "Man" in the box.  He is the "man" in the box and this particular super hero fights his foes by tormenting his older sister all the while peering at her with his red glowing eye.  It's terrifying....truly.  

5.  Berny's Tacos.  So, y'all (hey Tasha) know that cooking dinner just isn't my favorite thing.  So eating out in the Square Toothed/Mountain Man clan is a luxury that we just fit in the budget because if we didn't, Mountain Man would have to peel me off the ceiling from the terror of dinnertime.  And there is this place that makes my carnal appetite sing:  Berny's Tacos.  I don't know what Berny puts in his tacos, and quite frankly, I don't really care--just as long as he keeps making them and I get to keep eating them--all will be right with the world.

6.  Heifer International.  Off to the right of my posts are a few links I am passionate about.  Heifer International is an amazing non-profit organization that through charitable contributions, provides a myriad of animals to people in developing countries who raise and care for the animals. Proceeds from the milk, calves, honey, etc. help the recipients provide for their families.  It is a beautiful organization which gives hope and dignity.

7.  Sassy-Britches and Rocky Babe-Boa.   A couple nights ago, I was able to spend some precious time with some near and dear ones who truly light up my life with their generosity and beauty.  I call them Sassy Britches and Rocky Babe-Boa.  How these woman bring great joy, comfort, laughter, and true majesty to being human.  They make my life lovely and rich.  Je t'aime mes amis.

8.  Gifts in the mail.  C'mon--who doesn't like receiving a gift?  Yesterday this gigantic box arrived all the way from Las Cruces, filled with a book on things that make up the perfect day.  Accompanying the book were all the items found within.   Each item was labeled with a page number where the idea could be found.  And all the items and activities were things I enjoy doing.  It is one of the most detailed and personal gifts I have ever received and I felt the love pour from the box as I opened it!

9.  Christmas Eve morning in bed with Mountain Man...and our kids (you saw that going another way, didn't you?)  Snuggling together.  Being together.  Just being wrapped in love.  'Nough said.

From our Square Toothed/ Mountain Man clan to yours: 
 May your holiday be merry and bright!
Merry Christmas!

What are your fantastic Friday favorites?

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  1. Hearing the Pitter-patter of little feet upstairs is my Friday favorite today and seeing them sledding down Pioneer hill on their snow pants...We were the only ones there for a while this morning. Glad you are having fun with your Mountain Man and Kiddos this season of JOY!