Friday, December 31, 2010

Fantastic Favorites Friday

   Another Friday, the last of this year, and another chance to celebrate Fantastic Favorites Friday, or my favorite things from this week.

Chops & Jones.  I know, this either sounds like a steak joint or a 3rd rate law firm, but these are actually my kids.  Chops is a precocious 1st grader and Jones is a brand spankin' new 12 year old.  These little darlings made my week the best this month just by getting to stay home with them through Christmas break.

Artificial Trees.  After the now infamous Christmas tree debacle of 2010, on Christmas day, and since all the needles feel off the dumb tree 3 days before, I slipped into my office for a few moments and ordered an artificial tree online.  It arrived on Wednesday morning, and since I had all the decorating stuff still out, I put the new tree up.  No more wrong sizes, no more wrestling it into the house.  I am still not a completely converted fan of the fake tree, but I have to admit, I like not having to sweep up dead pine needles everyday.

Leaving Town.  Leaving town is a breath of freshness no matter where you live.  It is an escape from routine,  and an opportunity to return home at the end and see your life with new eyes.  Also, it's chance to go to IKEA.

The New Year.  O.k., I know it's not really a part of this week's favorites, but I am looking forward to a fresh start for 2011.  A chance to renew, reflect and begin again.  I love a new year.    

May you live your best life this year.
May love's fullness wrap itself around you.
 May joy be your guiding light,
and may peace distill upon you as the dews of heaven!

From the Square Toothed/Mountain Man Clan to you,

Happy New Year!!!


  1. I'm glad you had the chance to get away! Happy Birthday to your DD. And a Big Wish for a HAPPY NEW YEAR for all of us! As for artificial Trees, I'm a convert of them since 1988-89, when I got my first one. I have two big ones and 4-5 little ones up this year. My DH (Dear Hubby) only has to drag in the bag and take it out when I'm all done un-decorating.

  2. Happy New years to you. We'll get it before you, but don't worry, we'll be fast asleep before 10pm.

    You rock!

  3. Wishing you and your fabulous family a Happy New Year...and Happy Birthday to Lenorah (right?!)
    Let's get together soon and chat, I miss your beautiful face and all the giggling we do together.
    Love and Hugs!