Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just Not Crafty

My last crafting fiasco about 3 years ago...who puts beads
around a serving spatula??  To be fair, I was at a
 Mothers of Preschoolers meeting and there was a lot of
peer crafting pressure...Crafting is dangerous, so I just say No.
In fact, the end product was so hideous, that's why
even this picture sucks.  
  Christmas time is a time for gift giving, celebration, music, over eating too much peppermint ice cream and, much to my dismay, crafting.   

In my neck of the woods, crafting has almost taken on a religious fervor as groups of ladies (not to discriminate, but I personally don't know any men crafters--not that they don't exist...) gather together to eat, drink, and be merry while crafting.  The word itself is an enigma to me, and as far as I can glean, it's code for making something oh-so-cute out of something like material, beads or two-by-fours.  I have many dear friends who are avid "crafters" and create these amazing pieces which bring great joy to them as well as many others whom are the recipients.  But here's my confession:  I hate crafting.  

Please don't misunderstand:  I respect and love to receive  handmade wonders from others, but as soon as I sit down to "craft" my brain freezes up and I revert back to my 3rd grade self trying to decipher fractions, and find myself (just like in 3rd grade) copying the person next to me--because crafting is only slightly more enjoyable than fractions--but only slightly.  

And "crafting parties" have reached a fever pitch with their abundance and frequency.  Many church groups, ladies societies and a perverse amount of other local groups laud "Crafting!" as one of the selling points of getting members to come and what do I do?  Simple...I flee.  The world of crafting is like kryptonite to my sensibilities, water to my wicked witch, and chloroform to my Wonder Woman--(seriously, did you ever notice how the bad guy with the handkerchief full of chloroform sneaking up behind Wonder Woman was the only thing that could take her out?  Weird.)  Anyway, crafting makes me run.  

And I will admit, a large part of my disdain is I am too impatient; there is less mess and time if I can just purchase said item and be done with it.  And besides, I figure I enjoy supporting others in their joy of craftiness as long as I don't have to, to my dear crafty friends, Craft on!!! 

Are you crafty?  What do you like to craft?  (That's a verb, right? :)

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  1. I'm way too messy to craft well with others.

    And I know you asked, but the sheer tornado-like effect of my endeavors may prevent me from ever letting you venture into said dungeon to make a banner. ;) I am currently working in a space about 3 inches square on my table because the rest of it is piled high with all my stuff! Sad thing is, I have THREE tables in that room and every bit of them is covered. Just tell me what you want and I'll clear off a little space.

    Oh yes, I'm (super chaotic, insanely disorganized) crafty...

  2. I think if there is anyone who could lead me through the dungeon of craftondom, it is you...:)

  3. OH! Lisa, Do I have a Craft for you... Yes, it can be used as a VERB. We love your many other qualites...