Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Favorite Things--Minus the Nun turned Nanny

So today, I found myself with a couple of extra hours on hand, just enough to get some things done around here that have been needing my attention for more than a few days.  As I was blazing (code for puttering) through these tasks, it got me thinking about my favorite things.

My favorite things are pretty arbitrary as well as simple--but they make my days better, just by their convenience, beauty or pure delightfulness. And contrary to popular belief, my favorite things do not consist of hand made play clothes out of recently discarded drapery, singing high on a mountain top with a lonely goat-herd, or dancing around a gazebo with Christopher Plummer--although, if he were a few years younger, he and Mountain Man would be in a dead heat for my affections, but only if Mr.Plummer is attracted to loud-mouth, klutzy, once-upon-a-time brunettes who don't sing nearly as well as Julie Andrews...

Anyway, I mentally began making a list of a few of my favorite things--these are just little items I find that make my days beautiful and more enjoyable...and may not be of much interest to any of you reading Diary Of A Square Toothed Girl, except for my most devoted reader, my mom, Magnolia, (whom I once referred to as 'Karen' on this blog and she requested something more "exotic") who will now conveniently have a nice and tidy list of things to choose from for my birthday.

If I were Oprah or Ellen, I would hook all ten of you readers up with each of these things, but alas, I'm not and therefore, you're out of luck unless you have some kind of secret tip on how I can win the lottery without actually playing it, and then I would rush right out and buy each and every one of you everything on the list!

Without further ado:

Diet Coke in a Styrofoam cup.   Utterly sinful by its very styrofoaminess, but oh-so-delicious and wonderful in its Diet Cokeness.  Only true lovers of this nectar of the Gods can comprehend its wonder.  And yes, I know its bad for me.  I could write a 2 page essay on all the reasons I love it, and you could write a 60 page brief on why its bad for me (and you would be right), but I don't care, I would still drink it.

The Strange Yet Beautiful Cement Head.   If you know me at all, you know that one of my most ardent beliefs is that of imitation.  It truly is the sincerest form of flattery.  Therefore, I shamelessly copy style, expressions, haircuts and even furniture from those with great taste.  The Strange Yet Beautiful Cement Head is one of those things I saw in a friend's house and after I got her to bequeath it to me upon her death, I figured I couldn't wait that long, so I went out and found my own.  My daughter says it kind of creeps her out, but I don't care--Ms Cement-Head is strange and beautiful and I love her.

Really Smelly Candles.  I love really smelly candles.  I love all of them--any flavor, anytime, and the one currently burning is Winter by Slatkin & Co.  It smells like mint and eucalyptus and sugar plums (o.k., I really don't know what sugar plums smell like except that children like to dream about them around Christmas time so they must be good, right?)

Scarves.  I love scarves.  Again, any color, texture or type--as I get older and I see my neck starting to look more like a turkey's than a human's, my love affair with the scarf has become even more obsessive.  Sigh...if someone could just make a scarf to wear during the summer...

Hats.  Every occasion calls for a hat.  I really should have been born in the South (famed for its women who wear outstanding head creations to the Kentucky Derby) or England, where hats are a must at four weddings and a funeral while being accompanied by Hugh Grant.

Booooooooks.  O so many, o so little time...

Photographs.   I really love photography, and wish I had time to develop that interest, but in the meantime, I appreciate other's photography.  The photo in the pic above is by my friend, Clover, who gives joy to all of us who know her with her flawless eye for beauty.

Art.  Art is like books to me...so much, so little time.  The print in the pic above was brought back to me from Africa by my brother, Scott.  It is one of my favorite things in my home.  It not only reminds me of him, but it makes me happy with its color and theme.  I love it.

Music.  We've talked about this--nothing can put me in a good mood faster than music, and I love it all.  Even Nuns turned nanny who sing to children wearing drapes. Except that I must put in a plug for my favorite band of all time:  Les Indigo Girls.  Really, if you don't know 'em check 'em out.

Jewelry.  I have to be honest, if there is one thing I would consider selling a kidney for, it's jewelry.  And not diamonds, rubies, or gold, but more common stones or gems set in silver.  I have no idea where this fascination comes from...so, like all self respecting daughters, I will blame it on my mom who pierced my ears at age 7 and therefore left me with two holes in my head that I must fill literally and figuratively--oh lucky psychiatrist who may be awaiting in my future, see what you can make of that!

There are also some things I didn't feel like dragging into the photo above before I took it, like, my ipod shuffle (o so cute!), a star lamp  (another thing I copied from a friend), and my bike (which I could wax on and on and on about until you wished you could hop on it and ride away from hearing me talk about it...)

While none of these things is really very important in the grand scheme of things, I really enjoy them.  Happiness is found in the small and simple.  And some days, while puttering around, it's nice to celebrate the little luxuries that I'm grateful for.

What are some of your favorite things?

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  1. One of my favorite things is to take a really hot bath and sleep. I won't drown the water's not that deep. I also like to take long walks on the beach. Breath in the salty air. Going on trips to see my friends that have moved away. I have a few more but that is enough to share.

  2. So many favorite things!
    Music. Absolutely anything, and I will listen to it once, maybe even twice. It is for the soul.

    Diet Pepsi... You basically covered that one for me

    Books.. Once again you covered mine...

    Anatomy... I feel strangely at peace when I am learning about the body, and I like using big words...

    My bed... Best Bed Ever.

  3. Paper and ink and really sharp scissors.

    Fabric, especially pieces with lovely texture. Mmmm...burlap!

    Diet Coke (and Coke only, NO Pepsi...sorry Julia!) but I like mine with vanilla and Sonic ice is the best.

    Peppermint lotion and peppermint hand soap in the bathroom; lemon zinger hand soap in the kitchen

    Books for sure!

    Cello music. And the oboe. And the harp!!!

    Cookbooks with full color photos.

    My camera, though I'm coveting the next model up and a couple of new lenses.

    My laptop.

  4. two of my favourite things: Lisa and her blog!!