Monday, December 20, 2010

On Sleeping In

Oh the glory!

Oh the wonder!

Oh the joy!

What is so glorious, wonderful and joyful, you may ask? 

It's a Monday morning, and I am still in bed.  With Christmas break finally here, I am joyfully writing this post from the comfort of my big, fat, warm bed with my little people nestled in beside me like sardines in a can.  Not much can compare to being awakened late (anytime after 6 a.m. and on a Monday no less!) by the sound of padded pajama-ed feet running across hard wood floors.

What is it about sleeping in that gives me such a thrill?  Simple:  It is a joy that I don't get to experience too often, and therefore, the novelty is still surprising.  As a teenager, I considered sleeping in my sacred duty.  As an adult, I can't imagine such decadence.  Even sleeping past sunrise on a Saturday is as foreign as, well, putting syrup on a grilled cheese sandwich.  And the reason I don't sleep in lies in the fact that I have kids.

Sacrifice is a major component of parenthood.  And for the most part, the sacrifices have been all worth the joy of child-rearing except for not being able to sleep in on a Saturday.  Imagine our dismay as the brand-spankin'-new parents of a rosy-cheeked baby, when the darling girl didn't realize it was the weekend, the sacred day to lounge about unencumbered by social and work related responsibilities!

Which brings me to my next point:  The definition of the phrase 'sleeping in' has changed dramatically since having kids.  Back in the day, (when big hair was my signature look and shoulder pads were all the rage) 'sleeping in' meant noon.  Since the arrival of kids, it means anytime past 5 a.m.

Ah yes, sleeping in is one my life's greatest guilty pleasures.  And sleeping in on a Monday morning is almost downright scandalous.  But even in it's decadence, I can't resist it.  I look forward to it, I crave it, and dare I say it?  (Yep.)  I love to sleep in.

What is your 'guilty' pleasure?

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  1. I get to sleep in any day. Since the DH goes to work in the weee hours of the morning I get my best sleep in after he's gone. No little ones to come wake/join me, until the grandchildren arrive on Thursday...Gotta love that sweet little one saying, "Grandma, are you awake?"