Monday, January 3, 2011

A Letter From a Friend

Dear Lisa,

At the beginning of this new year, I have a few things to tell you, and you better listen up, because I'm usually right.  I know there is something about the term "New Year's Resolution" that makes your square teeth itch. With your resolutions made and quickly broken each new year,the definition no longer means, "a formal expression of opinion or intention" but, "how quickly you fall off the wagon from not drinking Diet Coke."  And the answer to that is exactly 28 minutes, because you are drinking one right now.

Often, after you've cast aside your New Year's Resolutions, I notice that your shoulders hunch and your feet shuffle in a shameful, "Not again!" posture which eerily mirrors your 3rd grade self caught talking to your neighbor when you should have been doing math.

This year, I have a piece of advice for you: Instead of making "resolutions," try being resolute.  The definition of resolute is, "not turned from a purpose by difficulties or opposition."  I like that--not turned, nor swayed from your purpose by difficulties or opposition.  For some reason, that seems a bit nobler, more steadfast, and more conducive to a life of integrity and joy after which you are seeking.  Being resolute means not being swayed from your desires, goals, or intent by anything or anyone.  Being resolute requires some sacrifice; it is being true to oneself and purpose.

You have a lot you'd like to be and do, I know.  I can hear you in the middle of the night making lists of what you'd like to accomplish.  Guess what?  You aren't going to get it all done. Be resolute, not about the items on a list, but about the grand design.  Notice the small things.  They may appear ordinary, but they contain extraordinary beauty.

Remember to be merciful and to keep your heart open.  Having an open heart is essential in being resolute.  Mercy shown to ourselves and others is a defining point of a resolute life.  You may fail.  You may fail BIG. You may fail, and people may even point and laugh and talk behind your back about your failure.  But that's o.k., because we are all allowed to fall short.  That's where mercy comes in, and there is hope and help available to you.

Just do your best.

Have a great year,


What would you like to tell yourself this year?

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  1. YOU, my friend, are a star. xoxo

  2. Cinda1212, the feeling is ENTIRELY mutual!!! XOXO

  3. i resolve, no... will be more resolute in reading your awesome thoughts! love you...

  4. oh headshrinker, how I miss you!!! Love you too...