Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hi, my name is Lisa, and I'm a bookaholic...

So I have a little secret:  I'm a book-a-holic.  Not only do I use my library card to the max each month, but I also buy books, read them, then either keep and loan them to others, or just send them out in the universe for some one else to enjoy.

The picture to the right are the books I purchased this weekend.

Don't be alarmed, it's not like the total cost will effect my kid's college savings or anything--it was the American Association of University Women's annual book sale this weekend.  Books were abundant and cheap, a lethal combination for any book-a-holic.  Not only were there a lot of great books, but all the money I spent funds college scholarships for women and girls.  Come on, it's just a crime not to buy.

I guess it all started when I was eight.  In the summer time, I used to ride my bike downtown to my dad's office and ask him for some money to go buy a book at the local bookstore across the street from his office.  I probably did this 3 times a week, every summer for my entire childhood, so you can only imagine the amount of money the dear man spent on my book habit--a habit that eventually led me to a degree in English Literature.  A degree that affords not only the right to snobbishly critique any book, at any time, but qualifies one to collect books without consideration for shelf space--ever.

There was something in the smell of the bookstore when walking in off the street on a hot summer's day.  The paper and glue scent would mesmerize my childhood self the instant the door closed behind me.  I remember standing there, still hot from the outside, taking in the light, the colors and the shapes of rows and rows of books, lined up like friends, just waiting to be met.

Book stores and libraries effect me the same way to this very day.  The anticipation of a new book in hand; precious time carved out of a busy day to read; the resulting mini-depression that accompanies finishing a really good book; and finally, the journey beginning again with a new book in hand.

That is bliss.

Like any book-a-holic, I married a book-a-holic, and we proudly produced two darling children who are book-a-holics in their own right.  We are four addicts living in a very old house, surrounded by Goethe, Chaucer, Mrs. Woolf,  J.K. Rowling, and countless others.  

"Time to put your book away!" can be heard every evening, sometimes late into the night.
This phrase is always followed by, "Just one more chapter!"
 I, myself, just said this last night to a very tired Mountain Man, who, like all people living with a book-a-holic, simply pulled an extra pillow over his head knowing that "one more chapter" is really code for "I'll be up all night finishing this book, so quit bugging me."

No self respecting book-a-holic would ever say to another, "Turn out that light, now!"
Blasphemy such as that would never pass my lips.

And so our addiction continues.

Are you a book-a-holic?  
What is your favorite genre?  Who is your favorite author?


  1. I have friends who tell me of good books to read. So I'm a friend of Book-a-holics. I like to read at night too. I have quite a collection of Quilt-related/Mysteries now... My favorite is Jennifer Chiaverini(she has a new book coming out on Tuesday)! Guess who will be in the Bookstore that day? I just wish that "BAG day" at the MARC wasn't on Sunday.

  2. I am most definitely a book-a-holic. Hey what do you expect out of someone who read LOTR at eight... Best book? Jane Eyre. The End... HAha I love You Lisa!!! A mountain of books= Love

  3. The UPS man knows me by name - perhaps I need to know about these book sales so i DON'T deplete the college funds of my children.

    As for genres, I dabble in a little of this and that, from a Western on my dad's shelf to science fiction to a recent fascination with Elizabethan England that Nyla got me hooked on.

  4. Lisa, I'm not a book-a-holic but I would like to be!*S* I always have a book that I have on hand to read; in fact I have quite a few books setting on my shelves waiting to be picked up and enjoyed. Unfortunately, the television usually wins out over a book because by the time I'm ready to read my brain and my eyes are usually just wanting to "relax"!

  5. I'm not a big reader but aspire to be one day. I really like Camus for my deep reading.

    For my fun reading, I like books on personal finance.

    Do you remember that list of books on facebook which every person should read? You should post that.

  6. Scott, quit bossing me! AND, you owe me lunch! XO.