Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for...


A celebration of self is the name of the game today.  And this is why:

You Are Beautiful.  (Click on it, I dare ya...)

I believe that everyone who comes to planet earth is valuable, unique and beautiful.  Believing that others are beautiful brings joy.  Believing in ourselves is our greatest power.  And when we believe in our worth, our goodness, our significance, then we can help others see that worth in themselves. And when we begin seeing others an individuals, beautiful and whole, then we are able to stack our hatred in the corner and embrace the beautiful in everyone.

Celebrate your beautiful self...

What makes you beautiful? 

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  1. A very lovely sentiment. Thanks for adding this to my morning.

  2. I like this! And I think I'll celebrate my beauty by getting a shower and getting dressed!

  3. I like to celebrate every day by looking for ways to help some one else