Thursday, April 28, 2011

High E "X" pectations

You should see my kitchen right now.  Every surface is covered with sugar or flour or some other baking tool.
I am up to my eyeballs in frosting roses.

Laundry awaits.
The phone is ringing.

I need to write my blog.
I have clients I've all but forgotten this week.

I've had some high expectations of what I could accomplish in one seven day period.

What if I don't get it all done?
So...what if?  Surely, it will all keep.
Laundry, baking, phone calls, blogging and even work can wait...
Because I've got two cherub cheeked beauties waiting for me to play the Wii with them this afternoon.

Enjoy your evening!


  1. So....good thing I didn't stop by???!!

  2. Yes. very good. God created man who created phones for a reason. :)