Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lisa, That 70's Name

"L" is for my name, Lisa.

I suppose everyone has issues with their name.  After all, it's not like we got to choose it.  Rather, it was thrust upon us, unwillingly, often before our parents even took the time to get to know us; and here we are, saddled with it for the duration of our lives.

The name Lisa was a nickname of Elizabeth, at about the time dinosaurs roamed the earth and people thought that disease could be cured by "bleeding" patients--oh wait, those events didn't happen concurrently. Anyway, it's an old name.

Ironically, the name "Lisa" didn't become really popular until the 1970's, when all of humankind devolved into the most perplexing time period in the history of the human race.  Now, I was a baby in the 70's, so most of my experience was limited to diaper rash and formula, but as far as popular culture goes, that was one whacked out decade.

Here are some examples:

That 70's Dad
The primary mode of transportation was roller skates.

Hair was "feathered" instead of combed.

Trousers named after bells were considered cool groovy.

People collected pet rocks, named them and even "took care" of them...what??

Mood rings signaled others about how one was "feeeeeeling."

People streaked in public places, not just from the bathroom to the bedroom.

Men wore clothing called "leisure suits"--made from the oh-so-soft-and-never-chaffing wonder fabric,  
polyester.  These one piece suits showcased a man's fine physique (or not) and the extra wide collar framed  
HUGE sideburns, the size of lamb chops, ever so nicely.

After roller skating, women--and men, would don platform shoes to wear the rest of the day.  Although slightly shorter than some of Lady Gaga's shoes, platforms gave a psychological edge to the vertically challenged while making the vertically triumphant reach for oxygen masks to aid breathing at such high altitudes.

The Bee Gees were hailed as deities and all humankind bought combs in order to feather and fluff their luscious locks.  Women wanted to look like Farrah Faucet, and men wanted to too.

But what does this have to do with my name?  The fact is, I was named in a ridiculous era.  My nickname is, "Lease" like in, "Hey legal contract between lessor and lessee putting land or property of the former at the disposal of the latter usually for a slated period!  How's it going?"

Lisa isn't a name for a 37 year old woman.  (No offense intended to all those 30-something Lisas out there) For the sake of deleting the horror of the 70's from our collective societal conscience, it behooves all Lisas, everywhere, to change their names to something less polyester associated and something cooler...

Something like...Madonna.

How do you feel about your name?

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  1. I love my is very me! Like the blog!

  2. Susan--always hated it. It hisses. But it was the name of the 50s. But when my husband told me it was his favorite name when we were dating, my perspective changed a bit. Still not happy with it, tho.

  3. Lisa, you just have have to say your name with theatrics and then your name is amazing.

    I use to hate my name! Absolutely hat it! But I love it now! I love the many way's people use it. Hulia, Ju, Juliet, Julie, I think it describes me perfectly!

  4. Hulia, like this, "LeeeeeeeeeSA!" ? :)

  5. Growing up in the 70s with a million other Kathys was a trial. No offence to all my Cathy friends and relatives, but I'm no Kathy. Katherine is another matter. It fits me better.

    Where are the girls named Karen and Sherrysand Lori? Wonder how they feel about their names?

  6. I kinda like my names, both Arla and Michelle. Just don't call me Missy!

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  8. Oops, tired blog commenting not recommended... What i said was that i had come by your blog for a read. i like your blog! And thanks for visiting my own little blog.

    As for names, i'm ok with my name, but only let a few people on this earth get away with calling me Jess or Jessie.

  9. Be glad it's not Nancy. My Dad always called me "Nancy Pants" and there were a few friends who referred to me as "Nothin Fancy, Just Nancy". So you see, it could be worse. (F.Y.I. only... Dad always called my sister "Carol Britches".. you decide which was worse.)

  10. I'm fond of my name as well. It's ordinary, but then there's a Roman numeral III at the end. I don't see much of that these days.

    Even less so, my son's first/middle/last IV

    L/Your Library: A Tale Not Told In Books

  11. I grew up Mary Brown, went to town... can't get more plain jane than that! I would have liked Lisa...

  12. I was never very fond of my the fact that I was named after my grandpa's ex-girlfriend. What? Who does that? I always wanted to be a Stacie. But for now....I answer to Celita.....and MOM!!