Friday, April 29, 2011


If you are a parent, without a doubt you have experienced that time period for about 3 years when all your small child does is sing the alphabet.  From the age of 18 months to about 3 1/2, choruses of the "ABC" song filled our home.

We are a house of readers, and for the longest time we've all been waiting for the youngest member of our family to be able to read on his own and entertain himself with a good book like th rest of us.  After 7 years of Goodnight Moon, we have finally arrived.

A few nights ago, I went into my son's room to tuck him in and he was lying in bed with a headlamp (like miner's wear) strapped to his head.  In his hands was Captain Underpants.  I asked, "What cha doing?"
His reply, "I'm reading."



  1. Yippee!! Indeed. Congratulations to the newest reader in the family ... let's hope it's a long and happy love affair with books.

  2. Yeah! congrats on your newest reader