Thursday, May 19, 2011

Masquerade! Paper Faces on Parade!

Last night the ever elusive and social reclusive Mountain Man and I attended a masquerade!  Our community welcomes a brand new theatre to the town and there was a gala event, complete with a fashion show and dinner, to benefit Shakespeare education in our local schools.  

All of the pictures were taken with my cell phone camera  (sorry for the quality) because the thought of trapezing around in heels, wearing a mask AND toting a camera just seemed too daunting when my only goal for the night was to remain upright and not pull a usual Square-Tooth-catastrophic-tumble in front of a crowd.  More on that in tomorrow's post...

Anyway, back to the masquerade! 

Smoky and mysterious fashion show.

The great hall.

My mask!  I made it myself...for one not-so-crafty, it was a stretch.

My favorite model of the night and me, making my Zoolander face.

Mountain Man in the Iron (Feathered) Mask

Personally, I felt like one of the cast members of Phantom of the Opera for most of the night. 

But hey, I got to support the arts AND I didn't even face plant once!! them, hate them?

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  1. LOVE them! They are so much fun to dress up for and leave your inhibitions at home. You never know what you're going to get into or what type of people that you will meet. Especially with a sense of mystery the whole time, how can you ever think about hating them?