Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Master List

Something happened at the end of April that has made blogging an almost impossible task:  it got warm outside.  I made the mistake of opening the windows and as the warm sun poured in, all my ambition for posting flew out. What can I say?  It's Spring, and time to address the Master List.

The Master List began four years ago when we moved to the City of 3000.  It evolved as a result of choosing a house that was older than dirt and with more problems than I could count.  One night, as we were lying in bed surrounded by still packed moving boxes, I turned to Mountain Man and said, "You know, I'd like to put a wall up over there."  I'd never considered building a wall anywhere, let alone knew how to do it--but Mountain Man did.  And therein lies the problem: He's just too handy. Thus, the Master List was born.

On a sheet of clean white paper it began.  Small items like, "unpack."  Larger to-dos followed, things like, "re-roof" and "tear off siding." All house concerns, wishes, hopes and dreams are written on the Master List and are then systematically (and with great rejoicing) crossed out on completion.  Some of the items have been on there for a long time, and to be honest, those really bug me.  So, I often have conversations with myself that go something like this:

"Wow, look at that neighbors driveway--I could totally do that.  All I need to do it rent a backhoe, pull up all the existing dirt, tamp down the earth underneath, get some gravel and sand and lay my own slate driveway.  And, while I have it all torn up, I could easily remove the old fence and put in a new one--a project like that would take what?  A 24 hours??"

It is somewhere during this reverie that Mountain Man sees my glazed expression that means the renting of heavy machinery is in our near future.  At this point, he usually pulls me back from the brink--and reminds me that those wonderful, yet albeit far reaching expectations on the Master List will take more time.

But the Master List gets a little bit longer everyday.  So if you don't hear from me in a while...don't worry...

I'm probably in the back hoe.


  1. Gotta love those lists. Problem is it's so easy to start a project ... it's the finishing that becomes problematic ;)

  2. Ah, the dangers of making a list with Mountain Man. Happy back hoeing! Always wanted to try one of those...

  3. I live in fear of The List. Last weekend it involved a chainsaw.

  4. NO! Not a chainsaw!!! Those things scare the H out of me~ good luck, Nota!