Sunday, July 3, 2011

small stone three

i clip the lavender's 
purple joy
and its sweet 
fragrance reminds me that 
there is something delicious
about dancing with bees


  1. "...there is something delicious about dancing with bees."

    Beautiful ending.

  2. this is a beautiful photo. Did you take it?

    I like this stone--not just because I love lavender but the choice of words is perfect. I agree with Bryce. The ending line is perfect.

  3. Thanks Linda and Bryce for your nice comments! Yes Linda, I did take this complete accident that little bee found himself in the picture...:)

  4. What a way you have with words. Beautiful scene wtih smells, texture, and a way to say things that is surprising.

  5. Gorgeous. I'm looking out at the lavender in my garden now, watching the dancing bees.......