Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Code word: Gookie Gookie

My daughter, Brace Face, is 12 going on 35.

No really.
She is more composed and mature than most adults I know, including me.

Everyone in our life has realized this except for Mountain Man.  Two nights ago we found ourselves at one of those irritating back-to-school night events where our son, Diastema, would meet his new teacher.  Brace Face saw her BFF (also 35)  and the two wanted to hang out in the foyer and compare investment portfolios.

Mountain Man was five steps behind me and missed the subtle, yet firm plans we'd made that we'd meet her back down here when we were done meeting Diastema's new teacher.  Mountain Man began a litany of questions to prepare our daughter for the separation anxiety that would ultimately comsume her while we walked away 20 feet.

Brace Face leveled a look at Mountain Man that could stop a grown man's heart beating.
Then she looked at me.
With absolute kindness, she placed her hands on either side of Mountain Man's face and said in a small voice, "Gookie gookie, Daddy."

The poor man was stunned.  "Oh, got it.  You're old enough..."

He turned, and with shoulders slumped, he shuffled up the stairs.  As he walked toward me, the look on his face was resolute, and it was then that I decided...

It's gonna be hard watching Mountain Man grow up.



  1. It's not easy being a daddy. Wait 'til she's 16 and old enough to date ... my hubby either needs to be tied up or resucitated on a regular basis. They're always going to be those sweet little babies that wrapped him around their finger before they were a day old.

  2. My son-in-law has a shotgun in his safe that he says he will keep on hand when guys show up. I believe him.

  3. Susan & Cathy, agreed! Shiloh has a shotgun (In case of future boy emergencies) but this is gonna be rough! :) He'll be fine...

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  5. Hilarious! Gookie, gookie! I'm going to use that phrase more often.

  6. Melissa, my nephew was the creator of that phrase--it is now part of our regular lexicon!! It actually covers a wide range of things....:)

  7. I love this post, and I really enjoy how you write. You are so talented Lisa!!