Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Advice to My 15 Year Old Self

As a part of participating in NaBloWriMo, there's a handy little prompt we can use each day if we want.  Today's prompt is: What advice would you give your fifteen year old self?

Hmmm.....Cue Wayne's World flashback music: doodle do do doodle do do...

1. No matter how cool you think that perm is--you're wrong.

2.  No matter how cool you think pegging your jeans is--don't.  You aren't a Beneton Model. Pegging your jeans doesn't look good on anyone.

3.  That math class you are stressing out and slaving away in, forget about it.  You'll NEVER, EVER, EVER use it.  Trust me.  NEVER.  Chemistry too.  Forget about it.

4.  Stop worrying about going to Homecoming.  He'll ask you.  Don't kiss him though.  Ew.

5.  Keep memorizing all the lyrics to the late 80's/early 90's music that you can.  Most of them have become classics, and you'll someday realize how much belting out "Janie's Got a Gun" will be a stress reliever later in life.

6.  Eat all the carbs/fat/cholesterol that you can.  Someday you'll give birth to beautiful children, and donuts just won't be an option anymore.  Enjoy it while you can.  Oooo eat some french fries too.

7.  Stop saying the word "rad."  Your brain is in a formative state, and everything you learn is becoming a habit.  Do yourself a favor and stop saying it. You'll thank me someday when you are standing in front of folk singer legend, Joan Baez, and you say "Your last cd was totally rad!!"

8.  Stop worrying about your future.  It's awesome.  Even the bad stuff.  You'll make it through it and come out the other side more empathetic and more joyful. Just enjoy the ride.  It's a good one.

What would you tell your fifteen year old self??


  1. Love your list! And loving your blog =)

  2. #8 is a good advice for everyone. I think I would have told myself just that.

    thanks for your visit & have a lovely day.