Saturday, October 8, 2011

Almost a Year

I began this blog almost a year ago this month.  October 19th in fact.  In July, my friend Susan over at the contemplative cat, tagged me in a blog retrospection which I've put off in honor of reaching a year.

Over 13,000 hits and 61 followers later, it's been a great year in blogging--of course, I have nothing else to compare it to so even if my only reader was my brother Scott, then hey, I'd still feel successful.  I've made many new blogging friends who enrich my life, and I am grateful that they share their stories in all their diversity.  It makes me appreciate the beauty that each person has to offer.

As a part of the retrospection, I was given categories discuss.  Here's goes:

Categories 1 & 2: Most beautiful post, Most successful post.  I've combined them because they are the same post:  You Are Beautiful.  I was surprised the day that I wrote this post and how many people responded to it.  It is, by far, my most favorite post too.

Category 3: The Most Controversial.  I'm a lover, not a fighter, and I've always felt that contention never solved anything.  However, I was pretty surprised by a conversation that ensued on Facebook in response to In Defense of the Holiday Program.

Category 4:  Most helpful post.  Before You Commit to One More Thing.  Who hasn't felt like they give into the pressure to do do do all the time?  I have.  This encourages us all to follow the path that lights up for us and in the process find our joy.

Category 5:  The post whose success surprised me.  G is For Grey Hair.  I had no idea that women would respond to it so well.  Embrace your grey! (Or not.)  Just find joy in who you are, at any age.

Category 6:  Post most ignored. Honestly, I haven't felt that any post has been ignored too much because I have this number one fan, whom I mercilessly teased and tortured as a child, who must now be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome because he's always good for a comment and a laugh.  As long as he keeps reading, I'm good.

Category 7:  The post I'm most proud of.  Butter to the Bread of Life.  My friends are integral to my health and well being and I breathe gratitude for their loving kindness every, single day.
Overall, life was good in my own little blogdom.

How was your blogging year?  


  1. Love your blog, Lisa! Maybe you're inspiring me to start blogging again? Who knows? Anyway, keep it up! What will you do AFTER your 2nd year?

  2. Perhaps inadvertently, your retrospective has turned into my reading list. :) I am so glad NaBloWriMo helped me stumble upon your blog. Thank you for your excellent work.