Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dementors in Smallville??

I took these pics this morning on a walk.  I can't decide it the oppressive and glorious fog is a merely the result of two pressure systems meeting in the atmosphere, or if Azkaban's Dementors have invaded the Northwest....I guess if I make it through the day without my soul being sucked out, I'll know...

Cheers, on this fine October day!!


  1. Beautiful photos! Love them and love the fog!

  2. It IS a glorious fog! So very spooky and romantic. You live in a gorgeous land.

  3. What stunning photos! I love the fog even though I'm a little bit afraid that it was the dementors, yikes.

    It's hard to pick a favorite but I think the middle photo is just spectacular. Beautiful shots.

  4. I heart these photos! And I agree - it looks like you've got a nasty case of dementors. You might want to get that checked out by your local wizard.

  5. Very eerie! I love the fog. And where do you live? It is so pretty there...

  6. @Melissa, Eastern WA state...not the rainy side...but we're in a valley, so we get socked in from time to time...

    @Cruella, on it! Harry Potter is on his way, Dumbledore was busy..and dead...

    @Sharon, Crystal, & Julie, thanks! It is very pretty here...even though I may get my soul sucked out at any moment...