Saturday, October 29, 2011

Do you ever sit down at your computer to blog and your mind is just a swirling mess of graceless slush??

I do.

And (I know, don't start a sentence with "and") I don't care because my mind is slush...but not good tasting like a Diet Coke flavored slushie,

just messy brain slushie, which if you spill it, is difficult to get out of your clothes.

Happy Saturday. :)


  1. All the time. I recommend Spray N Wash with Resolve power to spot treat the clothes. ;)

  2. Did you draw these? Hilarious! I must admit the Diet Coke slushie looks way more appetizing than the brain slushie. And yeah, my brain is slush. It's like brain freeze sans the tastiness of ice cream.
    Good luck with the thaw!

  3. I have never had a diet Coke slushy but diet Coke in all its forms sounds very good to me! I often have those times of no ideas for posting, have had them more and more lately actually so I'm down to posting twice a week. But visiting other blogs and commenting is always fun too!

  4. @Cathy...yes, I drew them...I wanted to color them in, but I have a weak stomach and just couldn't bring myself to do it...good luck with the thaw too!! :)

    @KarenG--oooo Diet Coke slushie=pure heaven. MMmmmmm...all things DC ARE good! :)