Monday, October 24, 2011

My Biggest Surprise

Through my blogging friend Delores, over at the feathered nest, I found this little gem of a blog called Prompts for Writers.  It's a fabulous resource--she gives prompts for non fiction writers, poets, and fiction writers.  If you find yourself stuck, try this site out.

Today's prompt is to describe a time when you were surprised.

Hmmm...this one took some thinking about as I like surprises about as much as I'd like a case of typhoid, but there is one surprise that stands out.

When I was 21, I became a full time volunteer for my church for eighteen months.  As a preparation, I went to a training center to learn French for two months.  This wasn't my first foray from home as I'd been to college for the three years previously, but this time I wouldn't be able to come home for holidays and summer breaks for nearly two years.

The night before I was to leave for Quebec, our group of French speakers wanted to take a picture near the big map at the front of the complex where we were staying.  As we were walking up the long hall, my older brother walked around the corner.  As he lived in Massachusetts at the time, I was simply blown away.

I didn't know that he was passing through Utah on business.  He stopped at the training center where I was on a whim.  It was pure providence that our paths crossed at that exact moment...then of course, there are no accidents.  I've always felt that one last connection to my family was a gift to help me through the separation of the following months.

It is a sweet memory.

What was your greatest surprise?


  1. Me backing into your car and you not being mad about it. You showed such love. You rock!

  2. That was soooo awesome! Poor Dad carried both of our insurance at the time! Amazing that I didn't care if you ran into my car, but that I've never forgiven you for spilling Cheez Wiz down the stairs when you were twelve...:) I heart you!!

  3. What a cool story! I didn't know you served a mission in France! You lucky dog. I want to go on one but I will have to wait until I am a Grandma. :)

  4. I visited Quebec for a long weekend when I lived near the Canadian border..I really liked it except I had a headache THIS BIG from having to translate everything for my mom. Not too shabby for someone not using French in many years, lol.

    I think my babies were some of the biggest surprises =)

  5. Quebec cracks me up,'s the Franglish that runs rampant that makes my head hurt...that and and CRAZY accent. I tell people it's like French, but with a German accent...:)