Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not so wordless Wednesday...

Dear Random-box-type retail establishment,

We need to talk.
It's not's you...

It's October 12, and I haven't raked a leaf,  or carved a pumpkin, and I still have flowers blooming in my yard.
Your blatant attempts at getting me to buy buy BUY for the coming holiday season has reached its limit.  I say "No Thank YOU" to your aisles and aisles of ornaments, Christmas lights and stockings this month.  In fact, I say "No Thank YOU" to all tacky Christmas decor in general...but especially before Halloween.

What's next? Mistletoe on Labor Day?  Stockings in July?  The Easter Reindeer?

Your premature pressure to drain, squander and waste my hard earned money is making me tired.  Therefore, I'm breaking up with you.

I'm just saying "No" to your commercial bastardization of a beautiful time of year.
Don't call, write, text or email me again.  I will avoid you, and I think you need to know, your behaviour is co-dependent, and you need professional help.


What do you think about Christmas in October??


  1. HAHA, I noticed that when I was in Shopko today as well. I did; however, take a peek but was not up to buying any of that, at least yet!*S* (I do have a wedding open house in December so I am looking for "ideas". :)

  2. yes, I agreed, it's too early. just like when they start selling bathing suits in january.

  3. HAHAHA, I used to SELL "Christmas Around the World" starting in early Summer. Christmas in July was Fun to keep me cool in the Heat!! I am with you now. The Season starts earlier and earlier every year it seems. I'll wait until Black Friday at least before I succumb to the Shopping fairy on my shoulder.

  4. *snort* "Easter Reindeer" LOL

  5. Santa Patrick Claus? My Frosty Valentine?

    Somehow I knew my dad leaving the Christmas lights up all year round was eerily prophetic.

  6. I sorta get excited about the coming festivities when I see the Christmas stuff. I don't mind it at all. I won't buy it, of course. But I don't mind it. :)

    I hope the stores take your break up well. Messy break ups right around the Holidays are no good at all...

  7. I texted Michael in shock yesterday when I saw eggnog at the grocery store. Please, please let me enjoy my Halloween before I have to think about Christmas :)

  8. @M, our neighbor just put his Christmas lights up and we all stood around in shock...even he thought is was ridiculous...but his wife is due with a baby in Dec so we cut him some slack! :)

    @Crystal, I don't think our break up will be too bad..unless he smashes the wind shield of my car with his gigantic hordes of lighted, fake Christmas deer..

    @Michelle, ok, I will concede, eggnog in October isn't soooo bad...

    @lissa, and have you ever tried to buy outdoor lawn furniture in July?? It doesn't exist!!

  9. Oh no, I totally agree... It bothers me every year when Christmas stuff gets put out this early. I think what I hate most is the commercialism... it seems like it gets worse every year! Although... the eggnog might sway me if I ever actually saw any!