Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three Beautiful Things Thursday

Floor, rain and a name.

Floor. This week I've spent in a serious renovation of my mudroom.  I know people really love their kitchens or bedrooms, not me--its all about the mudroom.  It's not indoor or outdoor, it's the lovely in between.  This week I ripped up the existing floor and revealed the original painted wood floor....then I painted over it.

Here's a pic:

Rain.  I love the outdoors.  However, sometimes there's nothing like a good, old rainy day to snuggle in.  Rainy days are my favorite days.

Name.  We've been looking to name our house.  We've finally found one!  It is now called Prenons Racine. Here's a picture of the crest I painted on the floor of the looks better in person...I think.  Anyway:

It means "take root"--which I know, it's a weird name for a house.  Maybe it's more of a motto, the meaning behind it is that when we take root in our lives, we produce good "fruit." The fruit of taking root and honoring the present could be beauty, joy, friendship, love or a million other good things.  When we are firmly rooted in Love, that is where joy is found. There's no reason travel the road of mortality if we aren't going to honor the journey, the easy and the difficult.  By sending our roots deep, we commit to enjoy to the end...until the next chapter begins.

What are your three beautiful things?


  1. I think you have come up with a lovely name for your home! You are so creative. The floor looks great.

    I love rain too. it rained here in Tucson all day. I sat and read and let everything else fall to the wayside. Perfect day. :)

  2. This is so wonderful!! I love the name! My three things are: snow, thunder storms, and a full moon. I need a glass house.