Monday, October 31, 2011

The Wonder of Halloween

As I write this post, I'm sitting on my front porch, dressed as a gypsy, waiting for the first trick-or-treaters of the year to come my way.

You see, I love Halloween, and I love to sit on my porch, but unfortunately, those two things only happen on one night of the year.  I live on a busy corner in a very small town, and while our porch is comfy and cozy, it's location is more conducive to Mexican Polka music and fast cars than anything else.  Not that I don't enjoy Mexican polka, or fast cars, just not on the one day that children are trying to cross the street in the dark of night.

Halloween was my favorite holiday growing up.  We always started our Halloweening at Sister Dubose's house.  She was an older lady who lived in our neighborhood and who was a member of our congregation.  She made these pink popcorn balls that took forever to eat, and almost broke teeth in the process.  She would always invite us in for hot chocolate and after a lifetime 15 minutes or so, we'd be turned loose to roam the neighborhood until 9 p.m.

My brother and I would trick-or-treat to Harrison Boulevard, the street with the biggest houses in town--at the least the part of town where we lived.  We went from house to house and when we finished both sides of the street, we'd start again.  Our pillow case bags were perfect receptacles for our precious loot.

Wearily, we'd make our way home where our parents (who spent the evening in perfect warmth and eating the full sized candy bars my dad insisted on giving out) would make sure that our candy was void of hidden razor blades or obvious poisons.  Apparently, the M&M's always looked suspicious and were immediately confiscated.

My childhood was typical, average and absolutely wonderful.  I ran free--especially on Halloween.  Interestingly enough, my own kids don't trick-or-treat.  They say it defeats the rule that we've laid out the other 364 days of the year, namely to never take candy from strangers.  A few years ago, my daughter said to me, "Why go through all that work to freeze and get candy I don't even like?  It's bad for my teeth, we can just stay home to pass out candy and watch a movie instead."

I was heartbroken.  How did I fail to introduce the wonder of Halloween to my brilliant yet logical offspring??

No matter.  Here I will sit, on my front porch, waiting for the first trick-or-treater to arrive.



  1. Kids that don't want candy! What is the world coming to!
    Those are great memories you have. I remember those popcorn balls. Evil things, those.
    Happy porch-sitting, gypsy-girl!

  2. We rarely get a trick-or-treater; guess it's where our house is located so without kids at home to trick-or-treat (and we HAD to do it every year!) I have to make my "halloween" fun with traditional dinner, TCM movies and candles burning. I hate it when the night is over! I LOVE Halloween; I say it's my favorite holiday because no one expects anything from me! :)

  3. @Cathy, of they want candy!! Just not the kind people give them...they'd rather hit the grocery before the night begins...but hey, if that means I get a Twix bar, then who cares!!? :)

    @Sharon, amen!!

  4. Hope your having a very enjoyable night on your porch. Congrats on finishing NaBlo!!

  5. No one comes to our house - I'm going to sit on your porch next year :)
    Halloween is my favorite!!

  6. Your dad gave out the full sized candy bars?! COOL! I wish I coulda gone trick or treating to your house! :)

  7. It's one of my favorite holidays. We were afraid we wouldn't have many trick or treaters this year but ended up having about 40.

    I remember those pillowcases!

  8. @Danette, thank you! And we made it!!

    @Michelle, oh so sad! I'll come sit with you next year! :)

    @Crystal, yes, for real, full size candy bars. When I was in junior high the first Costco opened in Idaho...after that, it was all he would pass out!!

    @Scott/Matthew! Pillowcase bags rule!!! My favorite was the year you went as a lawyer and carried your candy in a briefcase!

  9. you were a gypsy? Rock on! Remind me to tell you all my gypsy stories when I return.