Sunday, November 27, 2011

Saying NO!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I've been completely disconnected from every living thing besides the dear ones I live with for 4 straight days.

We emerged from the cave house, eyes squinting at the bright orb in the sky uttering, "My eyes!  My eyes!" and "Why is it SO bright!!?"  We sequestered ourselves away to live off nothing but pie and watch the extended versions of  "Lord of the Rings" over the holiday break.

I almost died (no really, I'm not just being a drama queen) the first time I watched it in the theater, being relatively new to the world of fantasy at the time.  I vaguely remember taking a nap during the final movie, waking briefly, disappointed to find that they hadn't thrown that stupid ring in the volcano yet.

Anyway, with the carcass of Tom Turkey now in the rubbish bin, the Christmas season is in full swing!  We, at that Square Tooth/Mountain Man clan, are doing something a little different to celebrate the season.

We are just saying no.

No to all the commercialism.
No Black Friday, 'no' to the material crap that gives temporary satisfaction, but ends up broken or forgotten.
No to gifts that don't mean anything.  'No' to lines, 'no' to shopping, 'no' to stuff.

No, no, NO!!!
We've had enough.

And it's not that stuff doesn't help us along the journey (because my inner uni-brow would run my life without my tweezers) but the incessant barrage of 'stuff' being thrown at me at every turn is just making me tired.  So, we're going Amish--minus the hats and Harrison Ford, which is kind of unfortunate, as long as we're speaking frankly here...
Instead, this holiday season we are celebrating creativity, giving, family, friends, traditions, music, laughter, cookies(--c'mon, there must be cookies) and joy.  Every time we put something back on the shelf, we reclaim a piece of our souls and find the true meaning in the season.

Wish us luck.

Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition?  Share it with the Square Tooth/Mountain Man clan, and help us just say 'no' and say 'yes' to joy!


  1. Harrison Ford is way old now anyway - you're better off without him as well as the rest of the crap :)

  2. I'm probably not much help in your endeavor - I'm a sucker for shopping for just the right thing - or more likely, making just the right thing. I LOVE to give gifts. LOVE it.

    But, a few of our not-so-materialistic traditions include gingerbread houses (in fact, if we can find a time that our families are both free, we'd love to have you over for a decorating party!), adopting a family, fondue on Christmas Eve, and countdown to Christmas (I have little activities and acts of Christmas for each day leading up to Christmas - I have a couple of ideas pinned on my Christmas board)

  3. I always make candy and cookies and give most of it away. Put decorations in every room of the house. Always have peppermint ice cream for desert after our christmas eve dinner. I try to stay in my pj's on christmas day and let the house be messy with presents every where.

  4. I like the way you think! I too am over stuff! I have decided to detest black Friday as there is NOTHING on this planet i want enough to sleep in the parking lot of the Best Buy. I say NO!

    Great post, girl!

  5. Amen, Crystal!! NO! NO! NO! :)

  6. Having worked Black Friday in Retail Land, I appreciate it when someone says NO to all of the hype. Granted, the customers are the reason I have a job, but all of the madness that goes on just in that one day is definitely not ok. There are still 3 weeks til Christmas, and people are in such a rush to get it here. Kudos to you for taking the time to take time and enjoy it with your family. Well done. :)

  7. Thanks Jenny! I too am a (retired now at 37) retail's just frantic. I love the excitement of the shopping season, but NOT the madness...that's just crazytown!