Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thing I could do with an extra hour

With the even of that blissful extra hour we received last night, I was making a mental list of things I could do with an extra hour...

*  paint my poor, neglected, summer-is-over toenails.

*  catch up on Grey's Anatomy

*  make freezer meals so dinner time won't make me cringe

*  return phone calls  who are we's not gonna happen.

*  dust, mop, unload the dishwasher, clean the bathroom and do a load of laundry

*  fight the hordes of zombies just outside my door

*  do yoga

*  say a prayer

*  watch an episode of Being Human

*  learn how to be human

*  sleep in

Guess which one I did?

What did you do with your extra hour today?


  1. mostly I cursed that I'd forgotten to set the clock's ahead and spent the morning hour, well cursing. I did get an excellent prayer and visualization in though, with the time. That tipped the balance for good.

  2. Who are you trying to kid, Lisa? You had THREE extra hours today !!

  3. @Jim's Girl, amen sister, sometimes cursing is the only thing you can do when you miss out on an extra hour...

    @Judy, lol!!!

  4. I would have slept. I love to sleep. My husband says I could be a professional sleeper, which is silly because I am up at 6:30 everyday and down after midnight most nights. ...It's the weekends that lure to my cozy bed. :)

    I would probably throw in a quick prayer of gratitude for my nap too.

  5. Well, I seemed to have lost my hour. I went grocery shopping today after my dentist appointment. When I got in the car to drive home, it was already 12:30 - how the heck had I spent two and a half hours picking out honeycrisps??? Then I realized I never set my car clock back and it was only 11:30...

  6. I'm hoping it's the toenails but I suspect there was extra drool on your pillow.