Friday, November 18, 2011

Vampires, Werewolves and Valium

In just a few short minutes, I will find myself in a movie theater watching the saga of a certain vampire, human and werewolf transpire.  I'm going to enjoy the company of my best girlfriends, one of whom is due with her newest baby bun at any moment.

I find it best to bend the the whims of the pregnant, therefore, I'm going.  I'm also dragging my friend Mrs. Marcus who may or may not scream, "FIRE!!!" as the credits start just so she can leave.

(Quoting here,) "We're not really going to that STUPID movie, are we??"
"Yes, Mrs. Marcus, we are, and we are going for Rocky-Babe-Boa who will beat us up with her superhuman pregnant mama strength if we even hint that we don't want to see it.  So we will suck it up."

To be perfectly honest, I slept through the first movie, can't remember if I saw the second one, and I know that before number three I took a Valium (not for recreation, because I'd just had surgery or something,)  and therefore three stands out in my memory as the best movie ever made.  Trust me, if you've ever taken a couple Valium, you know what I'm talking about.  That same day I also told my doctor a story that ended with me saying, "At least I didn't get shot!!"

You can see why I would have thought Eclipse was the best movie ever.
So, if you are tucked in for the night, don't be jealous that I get to watch Kristin Stewart mouth breathe for the next two hours.


....where did I put that Valium??


  1. I will also see Breaking Dawn very soon, but because it's something to do. :) I read the books (some of the only books I've read before the movies came out (I resisted those books for a long time!) and I got hooked. Enjoy your evening!

  2. I am at home watching Twilight with the boys. Never have seen any of them or read the books but they wanted to watch it so apparently we are going to get into this waayyyy after everyone else. Lol. Have fun

  3. So how was it? Bet it wasn't that bad - see, I almost never care what's on the screen because I go to movies for the popcorn and the Twizzlers.
    Your post had me laughing out loud this morning even though my eyes, technically, are still back in bed.

  4. Cathy, it was such a strange experience that I'm writing follow up post! I'll keep you posted--ha ha --get it? ;) Geez, it IS Saturday morning, isn't it?? :)