Sunday, November 13, 2011

When the loud mouth, square toothed girl says too much...

* Laugh.
* Get angry.
* Think I'm stupid.
* Give me strange looks.
* Roll their eyes.
* Think, "Here she goes again!"
* Agree.

I have no idea why some of us were born with big mouths and lots of opinions and why some of us are quiet and wise and never say a thing.  There are times when I wish I was the wise person who didn't say anything, but then I think, "Where's the fun in that?"

Are you a person who says too much?  Too little?


  1. I'm that Girl too. Got called "Chatty Cathy" recently.

  2. We'll just have to stick together, Mary! (I mean, Cathy!;)

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  4. Who's to say what's wise and what's too much and when we should be quiet or how much we should say. I'm finally learning to just trust my instincts !

  5. Power to the people, Judy! I'll get on the train with you!! Whoo Whoo!!

  6. I'm yappy. And I'm a Cathy. Hel-lo...
    Be loud and proud Lisa!

  7. I have always been the one who talks too much. But now that I left my job in Vegas and moved here all my old co workers complain its too quiet! Lol

  8. I'm don't talk a lot. But sometimes the stuff I say is crazy and makes respectable folks uncomfortable. I always feel like an idiot when that happens.

  9. @Cathy, LOUD AND PROUD!!! :) (Can you hear me now??:)

    @Jeanne, I'm with ya sister!

    @Crystal, all the stuff I say makes people give me a second glance, I feel your pain!

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