Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Fare Thee Well

Dear 2011,

I'll admit it:  I'm not sad to see you end.  You chewed me up and spat me out, but I learned few things in the process.  Things like:

I learned how to say goodbye.

I learned how to enjoy the moment.

I learned how to breathe deep, freak out, then breathe again.

I learned that a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless, but who once spilled an entire bowl of melted Cheez Whiz down some stairs as I was walking behind him) is capable of petting porcupines and possesses magical powers too.  (He actually wears a cape under his casual Friday attire.)
I learned that "Crazy Town" is not only a noun, but can be used as a verb as well, as in, "She's just gone crazy town."

I learned that carving out space to be creative is necessary to my happiness and sanity.

I learned (again) that unhappy people are the cause of all unhappiness in the world, and it behooves each of us to grasp our happiness by the shirt collar and hold on for dear life, 'cause honey, there's road work ahead.

I learned (again) the power and joy of friends who sustain, guide and grant extravagant love with every breath.  I'm even going to call them out right here, and now, in no particular order: Sassy Britches, B.Ram, Clover, Rocky Babe-Boa, Mrs. Marcus, The Fancy Hatted Baptist, Lover, Mountain Man and GW Guy; and all of you who read, comment and share your stories with me.  I never dreamed in a million years that writing a blog would bring such wonderful people into my life.  Thanks for being here.
Here's to a new start, a new day and a new year...

Bring it on 2012!!!


  1. Happy new year :) I love what you say about grabbing happiness by the shirt collar.

  2. HNY1 This is a beautiful post! Hope to read you a lot this year!

  3. This post rocks! I enjoyed reading it.

    Best wishes for 2012.

  4. Melissa, Rae and Linda, Happy New Year right back atcha!! I look forward to reading you all this year! :)