Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Here We Come a Wassailing...or a Cookiemaking.

I realize yesterday's post was a downer.  However, I believe in authenticity, so it was what it was.  I am well rested this morning, the traffic has subsided, and I will never go to Walmart again.  Problem solved.

Today, my kids have a mysterious illness that is keeping them home from school (it's called Christmas-is-coming-and-enough-with-school-already,) Mountain Man is skipping work and no one here will be answering the phone.  We are baking Christmas cookies alllllllllll day, and eating some too.

*Here's a cookie and a glass of milk  for you! *



  1. Oh that sounds TERRIFIC! Have one or three for me, will ya?

  2. We used to take those sick days, too. Called them 'tootiredtodomuchelse' days. Cookies were of course included.