Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In the Bleak Mid-Winter

Ok, here's the weekly update of the Square Toothed/Mountain Man Christmas Project:

I am emotionally exhausted, physically in the gutter, and ready to tuck into that "long Winter's nap" as soon as humanly possible.

Where's the joy?  It's there, but just wedged between rush hour traffic, people who make it their life's calling to create problems where none exist, and Walmart.

Walmart?  (You may ask.)  Think about it--can you imagine a worse hell that Walmart in December?  (I can't.)

However, there is hope underneath it all.  At the end of each day, we gather as a family and read a Christmas story and then sing a carol.  There is joy...

...even in the bleak mid-Winter.    

How do you manage the stresses of the holiday season?


  1. Oh I hate Wal-mart, too. I sincerely do. It makes my knees hurt and there's this nerve in my butt that literally THROBS after mere moments in 'Scrawl-mart's' blue-uniformed hell.
    Avoid. Avoid. Avoid.
    Now wasn't that easy?
    (My butt is smiling.)

  2. Where's the 'like' button here on your comment, Cathy!??
    "Avoid. Avoid. Avoid."

    AMEN!! :)