Thursday, December 1, 2011

Joy to Our one.

Welcome to the Square Tooth-let's-just-say-no-to-commercialism-put-joy-back-in-the-holiday-season....(I know, this project needs a new name.)  In a previous post I mentioned that our family would not be participating in the commercialism of the Christmas season.

Once too often, I've given in to the thrill of Christmas shopping.  Not so this year.  Each member of out family will receive one gift, and one stocking.  My hope is that our focus will be turned to service and simplicity.  The remainder of the funds usually spent on Christmas will be split between our favorite charitable organizations, which I'll highlight this month.

There will be recipes, craft ideas (even though I am SOOOOO not crafty) and maybe a few Christmas stories.  My friends Sassy Britches, Rocky-Babe Boa, Mrs. Marcus and I also have more than one night highlighting cookie decorating, concerts (free of course), more than a few evenings focusing on other culture's Christmas celebrations and even a night devoid of our precious little ones and our respective mountain men.

Today, in an effort to kick start the season,  I decorated our house for Christmas.

Then we went out for dinner...what?  I never said we couldn't eat out! :)

Season's Greetings!


  1. I think everyone in my family is ready to make the same change over...except me. Nothing gives me as much joy as giving like crazy at Christmas. I grew uo on a Christmas tree farm so Christmas was our life. I totally admire you and respect you for what you are doing!

  2. I love that you are finding a wonderful balance. You're not eliminating Christmas, you are enhancing it. Presents will still be there, and so will everything else. You are wonderful!

  3. @Jan, I know! I love to give like crazy too--we just want to tweak the giving to reflect using our money more wisely than on toys that break.. I'll admit it though, it's hard to walk by the store windows and not pounce! ;)

  4. Looking forward to everything you have going, Lisa! And your blog looks so pretty!