Thursday, December 29, 2011

Three Beautiful Things Thursday

Clean, birthday, split wood.

Clean.  Grandma is coming, the house is cleaned, a joint effort by the entire clan.  I breathe in sweet basil.  Mmmmmm...

Birthday.  Brace face will be 13 on Saturday, an official teenager.  She's fun to be with and talk to, she will soon be getting her braces off and her name will be changed to Straight Face.  I like to wrap presents for birthdays.

Split wood.  Mountain Man comes in sweaty and mannish from splitting wood.

What are your three beautiful things?


  1. Peace and quiet.
    New jeans that aren't baggy in the butt.
    A roaring fire on a cold night.

  2. Actually enjoying the workday,
    writing, creating, visiting writers,
    time with family

  3. Those are beautiful things.
    Mine today:
    This blue, blue sky.
    Being home in Brooklyn after a vacation (always nice to come home)
    And uninterrupted time to write this afternoon.

  4. Jules, beautiful! "Enjoying the workday"--wonderful!

    Melissa, Ah, the blue blue sky...and I love coming home too after being away!

  5. Looking forward to a new grandchildren.
    Waking up with no pain.
    Reading a great book.

  6. walk in the woods
    hubby's homemade hamburgers
    my daughter's laughter

  7. Susan, oh! New grandchildren!!! Wonderful!

    Linda, "my daughter's laughter"--priceless!