Monday, January 2, 2012


This month, I am participating in  a River of Stones.  This is my third time around with writing small stones and I've chosen this cycle to write my small stones in a small book instead of online.  I like the flexibility of having no expectations this month.  But from time to time, I may throw one out there.  Here is today's:

Small Stone #2


there is,
i am,
it is.

What would you choose for your defining word this year?


  1. I love it! My word for this year is "freedom". Financial. Emotional. Spiritual. Physical (freedom of movement as I get back in shape!). Mental. :) But I do so love your positive uses of "enough"! :)

  2. I hadn't really thought about that yet; trying to pull myself after Christmas & Wedding & everyone leaving. But the first word that cane to mind is possibility; in believing that I am not limited. Thanks for the thought.

  3. My Word Is FOCUS. I want to Focus on a few good things this year and not go overboard with deadlines and contests this year. Kinda like Taking time to Enjoy the Journey...

  4. Freedom, Possibility, Focus...all wonderful words! Here's to us and a brand new year!

  5. Truth... that's mine. All I want is truth in every aspect of my life.

  6. Love it! Sometimes we can say a lot with less words...Great idea of keeping them in a small notebook.

  7. Love this - I too am keeping my stones in a small bnotebook but may put one or two up - my word is Indie - I'm going it alone this year, believing in my own creativity, trying to ditch some of the trappings and competition of the writing world

  8. ah
    the power of seeing abundance within what already is
    what a wise woman you are

  9. My word for this year is "grace." Looking to expand my understanding of what it means to live with grace and extend grace to others.

    Love the small stones concept! Just might have to join in.