Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Home is Where the Heart Is

courtesy of gthomebuilder.com 
     I love my home.  My physical home yes, even with its lack of insulation and creaky floors, but it's the collection of people who live here that makes our home--well, home.  Home is anywhere where there's a tall drink of Mountain Man, Brace Face and Diastema.  There is nothing better than landing softly and safely at the end of a day in the embrace of our home.  We are our own best company.

Of course, extended family, by blood or friendship, are welcome too--to walk right in, crack a cold one (Diet Coke that is) and stay and chat for a while.  You know where the key is.

At home we are not only surrounded by the people we love, but the things we love best.  Books, sunlight, the comfy couch with our favorite fabric, colors that make our hearts sing, art, music---we try to live by the adage attributed to William Morris, "If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, here it is:  Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

Home is also our refuge from the storm.  A refuge from the downright crazy that come-a-calling from time to time.  Here, we are lords and masters of all we survey.  We are not bound by societal rules like answering the door when someone knocks--that also goes for answering the phone.  We get to filter who and what comes into where our heart resides.

The physical state of our home affects us.  If it's orderly and clean, we are happy, orderly and clean.  Our home reflects the interior workings of our hearts and minds.  Of course, there's always that one drawer that needs some help, just as there's always the opportunity to fine tune our spirits on the journey here, but there's time, after all...there is time--and home is where we can work out the fine tuning of ourselves and love better and more fully.  Even if we live by ourselves, the impact of loving oneself will have the effect of ripples in a pond and the happiness we exude will roll out into the lives of others exponentially.

That is why home is important. 

Home can be a beautiful place.  Home can be a canvas where we can paint our sorrows and joys.  Home can be a safety net, a mental ward, a dance party, and a meditative retreat from the world outside.  We get to choose what it will be.  We get to create our homes.  If we aren't happy at home, then chances are, we aren't happy anywhere else.

How do you feel about your home?



  1. I love your home, too. But more importantly, I love my home. I'm not the decorator you are, but I still feel so at home in my home and with my family. yea for homes with family!!

  2. A happy family is THE BEST decoration in a home of any size! :)I'm glad you love love your home--it makes for a happy person!

  3. If only I had just ONE of those drawers that needs organizing! But I do love my home. It fits just right :)

  4. Chelsea, I wish I had a 'like' button!! :)

  5. Love that you said home is a mental ward. So true.

    In the words of Dorothy of the Wizard of oz:

    There's no place like home! There's no place like home! There's no place like home!

  6. Beautiful, Lisa. And I love that William Morris quote.

  7. I loved that! Absolutely beautiful! And so very true, My home is my nest....

  8. @Crystal, if my home wasn't a mental ward, I'd have to leave it! ;)

    @Melissa, isn't that a great quote? I find that if I live by that one thing then it keeps all the clutter and stuff under control...

    @Rae, I love that:nest!

  9. You've inspired me, Lisa. Your ideas about your home are simply beautiful.

  10. You've inspired me, Lisa. Your ideas about your home are simply beautiful.

  11. No matter how excited I am to go away and visit other places, there is never anything quite like the feeling of coming home.

  12. Oh Cathy, you're a gem!!

    Karen, I know exactly what you mean...there's no place like it!! :)