Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All I Got for Valentine's Day Was the Flu

It's true.  I've been flattened for 5 days.  I'm so tired, and all the lymph nodes in my neck are swollen.  I've been assured it's just a virus, so there's nothing to do but wait.  Unfortunately, all this time laying (lying? Give me a break, I'm sick) around in bed makes me think that all this goo in my body is really something more sinister.

Something like...the plague.  Or an alien virus.  I was recently in Portland, and you never know what you can pick up there.  Mountain Man even had a hot date planned for tonight, which I can't go on, because quite frankly, the thought of sitting upright for longer than 20 minutes makes me tired.

So, he's taking our daughter, Straight Face, with him instead.  Dinner, the theatre, then dessert.  I used to go on dates with my dad all the time.  He would take me to Joan Baez, Peter, Paul & Mary, Carol King, or the symphony, but never Shakespeare.  That was my domain alone.  Strange...anyway, Mountain Man is taking our darling babe out on the town to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Every Valentine's Day growing up my mom would have boxes of chocolate waiting on the dining room table for us when we woke up on V-Day morning.  The day evolved into presents for best girlfriends, then into (said in a cheesy faux French accent) "le celebration of luuuuv" when Mountain Man and I met.  He makes every day like Valentine's Day--and no, I'm not even drugged (right now.)  He really does.  He makes my heart flutter and I can't imagine shaking my wobbly bits in front of anyone else.

I can't say enough nice things about my Valentine.  The only drawback I can think of being married to him is that he's turned me into a Sci-Fi geek, and that for all my cross over, I can never talk him into watching the 6 hour BBC version of Pride & Prejudice.  Sometimes I'm all like "WHAT GIVES, tall drink of Mountain Man??!  I've born you two amazing little babies who are yummy from head to toe and you can't invest in  6 hours of Colin Firth???"

But his argument seems valid--for a Mountain Man, that is.  He claims there just aren't enough guns in it.  For this Liberal Feminist, that is just dumb, but I know I'll appreciate his guns and nature prowess when the Oceanic flight we take from Australia crash lands on a island somewhere in the Pacific and all we have to eat are roasted peanuts and sea water.  I'll appreciate those guns then--that, and the fact that watching all that Sci-Fi will have prepared me for the inevitable smoke monster, time dilation field, and crazy bug eyed man we will meet.  I doubt Pride & Prejudice will help me much then.

What was my point, again?  Oh yeah.  All I got for Valentine's Day was the flu, a great husband, a best friend and lots of love.

Happy Valentine's Day, Mountain Man!
Now go kill me a smoke monster!!

Down in Valentine's Day?  I love this idea.  We should all do it anyway. Here is another beautiful Valentine's day post too...

In fact, because I'm drugged, sick and feeling impetuous, I'm having a give away!  I've never done this before!!  How exciting!  (I see why people keep telling us to "Just say no!" Drugs make people do crazy things...like send strangers framed art.)

Here's the deal:  Tell me how you shared some love with someone else today--maybe you left them a HUGE tip, smiled at a stranger, helped an old lady across the street--you get the idea.  Whoever shares some love the most creatively, will receive an original Virginia Peacock painting.  I blogged about Virginia, here.  Heck, I'll even frame it.

Leave me a comment with the way you shared some love with someone else on Valentine's Day, and if my 8 year old thinks your idea was the funniest, most creative or just the sweetest, you will win!  Keep it clean though, I don't want to hear about what happens with your Mountain Man/Woman in the dark of night.  Ew.  Seriously, just don't.

Come on people!  Impress us! You have until 11h59 Wednesday night to leave a comment with your best effort to share love.  I'll announce the winner on Thursday during Thursday's Three Beautiful Things.

How did you share some love today? 


  1. Lisa! Stupid!! You never told me you were sick too! We could have shared kleenex - - ewww, maybe not. Get better (but not before I do!!)

    1. I hope you are feeling better! I am on the mend! And no, I can't share kleenex with you...ew. ;)

  2. Because my Hubby's Birthday is the day after the celebration of LUV day, we at our house have never forgotten the day without a card or at least going to the store reading cards and showing to each other(when we are really cheap). Tonight I go to my Quilt guild and have something special for my Secret Pal. Hope you feel better soon! There's a dance to attend this week...

    1. No dancing for this liberal feminist. It's against my religion, unless of course, I find myself in a small town living next door to Kevin Bacon...wait, where am I?

  3. Lucky Straight Face! Boo hiss that you are under the weather :(

    I had to be a sneaky Valentine today as the mister was headed to Spokane to see a surgeon about a shoulder...I guess you can't operate on yourself. :P I filled his car with balloons, a Dr. Pepper 10 and some traveling snacks for the drive.

    The kids are getting pampered with a little red, white and pink dinner. I'm a bit of a holiday junkie :)

  4. I just finished putting a t-shirt together for my friend who's sister was killed last summer. These were her shirts that she had collect from being in sports and all the coach. It was such a job of labor to do it.

    1. Sorry I forgot to say quilt after t-shirt. I cann't write and read at the same time!!!!!!

    2. What a wonderful, heart felt gift!

  5. Sorry I forgot to say quilt after t-shirt. I guess that I cann't do two things at once

  6. Nice to meet you. Good luck with A-Z. I look forward to your posts.

  7. I came home to a great letter from my wife and a cute valentine from my son taped to the front door. It was a very chill night, just how it should be.

    Hope you feel better!

  8. Cupid shot his arrow right where it belongs...then the day started ;) First, the little man and I created a valentine eating monster box for his second grade class. That time was filled with giggles and messes! Then the preschooler gypsy princess helped me create homemade heart shaped fudge topped oatmeal for breakfast. That was a smile filled task and a half. Once the school kids were off to share the love, the lil' cupcake was showered with sweet nector of love (no Lisa, not diet coke) and drifted off to a sweet slumber.
    Next, I shared laughter and a diet coke with a near and dear one as we hear laughter from young ones in the background.
    Thus, the day was filled with quality time shared with each of my loveys and then finally, cupid shot his arrow right where it belongs...and the day ended with hearts in our eyes.
    HOW'S THAT??!!!????!!