Friday, February 24, 2012

Blog L.O.V.E

Besides loving to write my blog, I love to read other people's blogs even more.  Today, I'd like to share a few of my favorites with you!

Life on the Muskoka River is a blog by my friend, Cathy.  She is hilarious.  She makes me laugh in bed, but not because she's there with me, because I sometimes read her blog while in bed, which sounds creepy, but it's not really--it's just one of the benefits of owning a laptop.  Ok, that entire run on sentence was just weird.  But it's Friday night and I'm at home with the kids, my brain may not be working right.

I'd Like Cheese On My Entire Family Da cheese blarg is dark and funny and hilarious--wait, that's the same thing--well, it is really funny.  Oh, and there's art with humor too.

THXTHXTHX Leah's mother taught her to always wrote thank you notes.  This is her blog about writing a thank you note a day.  They will make you laugh, think and enjoy your life a little bit more.

This Too...  Melissa Sarno is a talented, articulate and thoughtful writer.  She's funny too, and she writes about life with authenticity; AND she is a gracious blogger who consistently comments on other people's posts even when the rest of creation apparently hasn't read a thing you've written, which makes her cooler than my own family, who doesn't read my blog at all, with the exception of my brother, Scott.  Man, it is late.  Annnnnyway, Melissa is fabulous, read her and enjoy.

Ordinary Courage  Need a lift?  Seeking balance?  Having a breakdown?  Want some authenticity?Check out Brene Brown.

Little Brown Pen  Paris eye candy.  The city.  In France.  Mmmmmm....Paris.

Tiny Buddah  Channeling your Zen?  Tiny Buddah will help.  Focus with Tiny Buddah and get your karma on.

Crystal's a Pistol  If you want to pee your pants with laughter and sometimes get serenaded to tunes from the Sound of Music and read about Smarmy gym guys who are rude and gross and learn about other odds and ends that will expand your mind while making your belly shake like a bowl full of jelly, then this is the blog for you.

Freshome Design blog.  The best of everything.  And it's fresh--and home--which are two things the world needs more of...except for....

IKEA Hackers, because I like IKEA and I like people who hack all things IKEA.  If you want to switch up your IKEA furniture or accessories, take a look and get out the power're gonna need it.

Well, I hope you found a new blog to enjoy.  Get reading!

What are some of your favorite blogs?


  1. I make my husband laugh in bed, too... but for different reasons, I think.

    THANKS LISA!!!!!!!!! You are one of my favourite bloggers, too, and not because you're kissing my butt at the moment. You have a fresh, positive enthusiasm for life that shines through in your writing and yeah, you make me laugh.

    Will check out your other blogs. Am especially interested in the IKEA Hackers because I loves me some IKEA.

    1. Good' I'm glad my butt kissing did the trick! :) And I hope you like IKEA's the best!

  2. I've really enjoyed taking a look at the blogs Lisa - thanks - will definitely follow one or two - the only trouble is too many blogs and not enough evenings in bed with a laptop!