Thursday, February 16, 2012

Three Beautiful Things Thursday

Painting 5th graders, Four Day Weekend, and The Winner Is...

Painting 5th Graders.  I spend a great deal of my time teaching art to kids, today I got to do a cool painting project with a groups of cool 5th graders.

Four Day Weekend.  Need I say more?

And the Winner is...I had a wee little blog giveaway this week and the winner is Mrs. Marcus (who posted on the book of face) about her wild and crazy dog, and his Valentine's Day escapade.  She claims it's a true story, but I have my doubts, however, my eight year old was convinced and since he got to choose the winner, she won!!!  Congrats, Mrs. Marcus!!

What are your three beautiful things today? 


  1. I can only think of one. I saw two women from a local non-profit asking for donations for "weekend food backbacks" at a local grocery store. Some children only receive regular meals while at school, so they send them home with food on Fridays that they can cook/re-heat by themselves. It was cold and raining, but they persisted so stomachs of little ones could be full. The willingness of others to help those in need is the most beautiful thing to behold.

  2. Lunch. It was only salad, but I was hungry.

    1. I am all about LUNCH! :)That is a beautiful thing!