Monday, February 6, 2012

When to Move

You know you should move when:

You curse the corner where you live.
You are tired of waiting in line to use the bathroom where you are the owner.
You've seen a ghost in your house...and it wasn't friendly.
You dream of kitchen tile, bathroom tile and well, other tile.
You think about telling prospective buyers that your bathtub doesn't need resurfacing, it's just "shabby chic."
You finally realize that your house is 120 years old, and it's only getting older.
Your teenage daughter wants to have friends over and you can't figure out where to put them that wouldn't make them look like sardines in a can.
You have a party for said daughter and you move all your furniture into the garage, which isn't really a garage, but a shack held together with a great deal of hope and a gallon of paint.

You know you you should stay, when:

You look at all the books you collect and think, "There's no way I'm moving those again."
Your husband looks at all your books and says, "There's no way I'm moving those again."
Your friends look at all your books and say, "We will be out of town when ever you move, because there's no way we are moving all those books again."

What does it take for you to move...or not? 


  1. We survived the bathroom thing - you can too!

  2. I've had the same thoughts about moving: I don't want to move all our stuff! :) Your house is lovely; never mind that it's old; it has character.

  3. It took me years to get the big house with a family room I always wanted. Now the kids are all grown and we live in three or four rooms. The three extra bedrooms are now junk rooms :( and I am actually looking forward to downsizing soon. But I really do hate the moving process!

  4. I feel ya'all! I can see wanted to downsize in the far future, but am trying to figure out how to make the teenager thing work in the meantime! Oh the dilema! ;)

  5. I just love books! You have a great collection. :)

  6. Unfortunately for any future movers/EQ, that's not even a drop in the book bucket. Those were ones I purchased one day at a book's almost here again!!! :)

  7. hi lisa we had 8 people share one bathroom and made it due, still have one bathroom, but no kid unless they come to visit, but that doesn't happen very ofen, if you do move has to be in our ward. love you judy

  8. I say never let the transition itself be the roadblock. If you're happy there, stay. If you're ready for more space, go. Either way, the actual move is just the travel time from one destination to the other... it's quickly forgotten and far less important than reaching your dream home. Oh, and I'm a good helper when you're ready. :)

  9. Lyndy, I'd never put you through that!!! :) I love you too much!!!

  10. Just think of it as one last opportunity to DUST OFF all those books...because if you're like me, once they're re-settled, you'll never dust them again!

  11. We just moved across the state (we live in a big one - not one of those tiny ones back east) and both my husband and I were English majors. If we weren't such tender-hearts when it comes to our books, we would've just donated them all and been done. I think we could've used a truck half the size of the one we did if we had done that...

  12. @Jan, you are oh so right!!!

    @Becky, I KNOW we would have had the smaller truck had we not had the books, but I can't say goodbye, each are like a dear friend I run into each time I open them...:)

  13. Moving is hellish in the moment, but not bad afterwards. I like moving to new places and increasing my radius (I like to stay close to home, so I get to see new things).

    Once you find a place that meets your needs and a few of your wants, stay there forever! It's all about roots.