Saturday, April 21, 2012

Know the Signs: SASSY!

Ah, sassiness.  You irritating, loud, know-it-all, mouthy cousin to brashness.  I've got you in spades.

There are three definitions to the word 'sassy'.  They are: rude & disrespectful, lively & spirited, and stylish & chic. I like to believe that I am all three.  But the reality is is that I am probably just rude and spirited.  Out of all the signs that are important to know during this month, knowing the signs of sassiness were the most important to my safety and well being as a child.

Too sassy, and I got a smack bottom.  Not sassy enough, then I felt like I was being untrue to myself.
It's always been a precarious line.

Chances are, you are sassy too.  Or, at the very least, know someone who is sassy.
The signs of sass include:

  • Name calling (but only to those who deserve it, like mean people.)
  • Mouthiness (like when I told my Grandmother that she smelled...but she did.)
  • A high confidence that you can talk anyone into anything--like the time I yelled at a passing truck and the driver hit the brakes, got out and came after me.  (Like any truly sassy person, I ran away.  To be fair, he may have been a zombie.)
  • Believing in your Gawd-given talent for reading people and placing bets in absolutely inappropriate moments.  The story to prove this point is so bad I can't even relate it here for fear of your judgement (which would be well deserved)--and the fact that I lost the bet (which shames me still) and don't want to remind my brother, Scott, that I owe him lunch...dang.  Now he remembers.      
  • Independence--like shaving your head at 32 and going grey just to defy cultural norms.   
  • Brash boldness (or brazen stupidity)--like the time I followed a complete stranger off of a train in Prague--he said he had the hookup for a cheap youth hostel.  Lucky for us it all turned out OK.  In hindsight that was just a cold case waiting to happen.
There are a million other instances of my impudent sass gone awry...most of which I can't share here because I don't want you asking me about them.  My sass filled life is one of constant embarrassment to my family.  

Also, being sassy is a terrifying way of life.  I have a completely unnatural amount of confidence.  Take this morning, I was listening to an NPR story about competing in the Iron Man Triathlon.  During one point in the broadcast I (seriously) thought, "I could do that."  If you know me in person, then you are laughing out loud this very moment.

Shut up.

I can hear you.

You will regret your insolence.

(See what I mean??)

I also often say things before thinking.  Things like, "SURE!! I'd LOVE to chair the school auction!!"  Or, "My dad could TOTALLY beat your dad's face in!!!"  (Which, to be honest, was true.  But it wasn't necessary to say out loud--mostly because one look from my dad made other dads run away in fear...)
Simply put, being sassy gets me into a lot of trouble.  

So knowing the signs (and repeating them twice daily) reminds me to tone it down a bit.
On the other hand, sassiness has it's upside, life is always an adventure.

In what ways are you sassy?


  1. I don't think I was ever quite sassy but probably only half-sassy. Most of time it's prompted by anger, I think I have anger-sassy issues. I trend to be rude and a bit too brave when I'm full of anger.

    hope you're having a sweet day.

    p.s., wasn't there a magazine named Sassy for teenagers? I think it was only in the u.s. but maybe I remember it wrong.

    1. I think there was a magazine called Sasssy--I wonder what THAT was about, come to think of it...!

      If you have anger-sassy issues that just means you are SASSY! :)

  2. Ah- that's funny!

    I think I tend to be pretty sassy when it comes to debating or arguing with someone- until the person proves me wrong after thinking that I knew it all, then i'm just left standing there saying "O, well - I thought..."

    1. Betty, I do that ALL the time!! But it doesn't ruin your sasssy street cred at all...

  3. I've been occasionally accused of being sassy. Usually when I say something that people don't want to hear, but I say it in a cute or funny way.

    Just swinging through from A to Z. Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Saying something cute and sassy is the best way to say what you want without being mean too...;)

  4. Not so sassy myself but have some kindergartners who qualify!
    Happy A-Z Saturday!

  5. I didn't realize that sassy was alive and well here (in part because your know the sings wasn't available yet) until my daughter came home one day from third grade and proudly announced that her teacher nicknamed her sassy molassey. She was so proud! He obviously meant she was spirited, ,right?

  6. I'm pretty sure I'm only sassy on the inside. Or in daydreams. I totally admire it in other people, though. :)

    1. Sassy is as sassy does, and sassy daydreamers are the best!

  7. i think i alway was and still am sassy, in spades. often makes for tension filled exchanges with less sassy or limited sense of humor beings - afraid i don't want to change and it's too late in life to become meek and mellow

    1. I KNEW IT! I got it from YOU!!! ;) I love your sassiness and I think it's one of the reasons we connect. Meek and mellow is just not for you Aunt Lynette--I'll stay sassy if you will!!! xoxo

  8. If I trust people based on instinct and follow them into the desert because their friend has a camel, or into a crypt because they said it exists, or along a deserted highway because it would get me to point B and only consider it could have been a bit risky after the event and the adventure, is that sassy or stupid? lol