Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Good Game of Tag

I've been tagged by my blogger buddy and real life friend, Judy over at Life...Minute by Minute.

Here's the gig:  I have to answer Judy's questions, then ask eleven of my own, then tag eleven others to answer my questions.

Here goes!

1.  Dogs, cats or neither? 
Neither.  I really really love children, but I have no desire to clean up after a pet--however, I love and honor other people's love of their pets and think it's beautiful that they find joy in those relationships...and, it's not a relationship that I want personally.

2.  What is your favorite holiday (besides Christmas) and why?
The 4th of July!!!  I think just because that's the next one coming up.  It is a dear friend's birthday that day, and a bunch of families gather and celebrate the day and enjoy each other's company.  And we eat...a lot.  Possibly more than we could lift, which, according to Miss Piggy, is a big no no, and, really good advice.  Think about it, "Never eat more than you can lift."
See?  Smart, right?

3.  What is the greatest life lesson I've learned so far?
The greatest life lesson I have learned so far is that I get to choose my life.  I get to choose who I include, what I think, and how I respond to any situation.  This also makes is really apparent that if things aren't going well, then that's my choice too.  So when you find me screaming at traffic, come get me, will ya?

4.  Is it easy for you to say "I'm sorry?"?
Yes.  In fact, it's easy for me to say just about anything.  And since I suffer from chronic "foot in mouth" disease, it is not only EASY for me to say "I'm sorry" it is imperative!

5.  What is one place in the U.S. you've always wanted to visit?
I've always wanted to visit the Bayou.  When I do I will don my overalls and get my banjo and then I will sing Hank Williams at the top of my lungs, "Jumbalaya, a-crawfish pie, and a file gumbo!!  Cause tonight I'm gonna see my ma cher a mio!"  Seriously.  I'm gonna.

6.  How do you deal with anger?
I cry.  Then I walk.  Then I walk until I'm done with it--and it's somewhere in all this walking that I realize that anger is my choice, and not real at all.  It's not possible to go out and fill up a bucket with anger.  I'm serious.  Try it.  I'll wait.

See.  It can't be done.

So then it dawns on me that the anger I feel is a choice, because my anger is just a response from my ego which feels offended or bruised--or whatever--and is always trying to Edge God Out.  If I let go of my ego, and let God come right in and make himself comfy on the couch in my mind, and we chat for a few minutes, then I realize that my anger has been replaced by love, and I don't know about you, but I like love a lot better than anger.

7.  Comedies or drama?  Favorite?
Both. When someone asks me my favorite movie, I go all "deer in headlights" and I remember any movie I've ever seen.  I've considered tattooing my favorite movies on my arm or something, but then I wouldn't have anywhere to write my grocery list.

8.  When was the last time you laughed out loud?
Funny that you should ask me this!  Actually, it was just this morning.  And I will show you why:

One of my amazing small friends wrote this to-do list for living a healthy lifestyle.
In case you can't read it, it says, "Do this everyday.:  20 crunches, 15 crunches, 10 crunches, 5 crunches, 10 good push ups, cool down, 20 side punches, 10 squats."  And this is all admirable--but my favorite thing is in the right bottom corner it says, "Eat Pie."

Sound advice for healthy living at any age, I say.

9.  Are you who you want to be?  Anything you would change?
I am who I want to be.  I wouldn't change a thing---unless it would be to hire a cook.  *insert sly smile here* Because I have some serious loathsome feelings about cooking dinner every night--it's not normal.  In fact, this week we've been preoccupied with helping some friends move and I've been overjoyed that I've just been to busy to cook.  Seriously, that's sick.

10.  Do you have a hero?  Who?  Why?
I do.  In fact, I have quite a few.  I won't call them all out here, but the thing that they all have in common is that they lift, love, give and bring joy in everything that they do.

11.  Have you ever lied about your age or weight?  In what circumstance?
Duh!  Ever heard of a driver's license??

So here are my eleven questions:

1.  Do you like your first name?  Why?
2.  What is your favorite television show? Why?
3.  What is the greatest life lesson you've learned?
4.  Who is your favorite author?
5.  If you could be a pair of shoes, what kind of shoes would they be?
6.  Twilight.  Love it?  Hate it? ;)  (If you don't know what it is, lucky you.)
7.  (Besides blogging,) what's your favorite hobby?
8.  Are you a fan of eggs?  What kind?
9.  Where is the most exotic place you've ever traveled?
10.  What's the WORST thing you've ever eaten.  (If it's your mother-in-laws cooking, I'll never tell...)
11.  Can you keep a house plant alive?

And here are my taggees:  ALL OF YOU!  If you've stopped by, please join in the fun and play along!

Ready?  Set?  GO!


  1. I enjoyed reading your answers. And I adore the "eat pie" note on the healthy living guide.

    And you have a good set of questions for your readers too. I love the Twilight (if you don't know what it is, lucky you) bit.

    And no. I am not a fan of eggs. I actually have an egg phobia. It's as insane as it sounds.

    1. I may have an egg phobia too...seriously, THEY ARE EGGS. Ya know, eggs that grow babies...and we eat them...sick.

  2. The Eat Pie totally made me laugh! I love pie. Chocolate silk is my fave. :) I like excercise too... but only so I can eat pie later and still fit in my jeans.

    1. ooooo...chocolate silk. I hear ya, girl. And then I have to run. :)

  3. I will totally answer those questions on my blog soon! 'Never eat more than you can lift' I've never heard that one before! So simple yet so insightful. The other day I actually discovered that apparently I am the only person among my friends who did not lie on their drivers license... weird how we're all about the same height, yet I'm the shortest one according to my license...something smells fishy!

    1. Itty Bitty baby white lies of height and weight never hurt a DMV, of this I'm sure. Besides, it's just one more way to stick it to the Man. :D

  4. I have the same problem when someone asks my favourite film - that's why I keep mentioning them on my blog!

    1. Totally smart. I should make a list.

  5. I love your answers! :)

    As for me, hmm... Yes, I do like my first name as I'm named after my grandmother. Right now, my favorite TV show is "The Walking Dead." Shoes? That's easy = sandals! :)

    1. Ok, Walking Dead. Even with all my love of zombies--I couldn't sit through more than 20 minutes of the first episode. I will have to try it again.

  6. Lisa. I squealed while reading this post. When my friend went to the bayou I sent him that Hank Williams song. When I went to the bayou, I sang that song at the top of my lungs. And Linda Ronstadt's Blue bayou.

    Never eat more than you can lift. I love Miss Piggy. And I'm living by that.

    1. JUMBALAYA, CRAW FISH PIE!!!! And, I'm sooo glad you're back! You've been missed!!

  7. Great answers, Lisa. Thanks for playing with me! I think I'm gonna go eat pie now.

  8. I hate my name... but now that I am almost 70,everyone that shares my name is about my age,so you don't hear it very often any more whicbh is a good thing!
    My favorite TV show is Turner Classic Movies and just escape!
    I am the happiest when I am serving others, and I have discovered there is NO END to this, so I will always choose to be happy!
    I love twilight if it is early in the morning, but not so much at night, I love it especially if I am sleeping in the tree house with my grandchildren:)
    My shoes must be comfortable but classy, these are very difficult to find!
    I love eggs, cooked any way!!!
    My most exotic place I have ever traveled is Bali.
    The worst thing I have ever eaten is dressing that tasted like Elmers Glue. Unfortunately I made it!! Oh Well!
    I kill all house plants by watering and loving them to death, that is why I have all artificial ones, but remember I am allowed after all, I am OLD!

  9. great answers. I agreed with you on #1. I just cannot picture myself owning a pet either.

    & those are great 11 questions because I can actually answer them without lying. I might even make a post of it.

    hope you have a great day.

    1. Honesty is always the best policy, unless it's on your driver's license, I always say...;)

  10. A fun meme, I played along over at my blog. Come see!

    One day, we will meet... We have someone in common who claims she can make it happen. :)

  11. I'll answer your questions here since I've done the tag on my blog...

    1. Do you like your first name? Why? Yes (though I go by my middle name). Used to dislike it as a child, but grew to love it for its uniqueness and now have it on all my work emails.
    2. What is your favorite television show? Why? Right now, The Game. It is full of drama, bad acting, predictableness, and the occasional surprise.
    3. What is the greatest life lesson you've learned? Always try to be better. Always understand that what you do/have done leaves impressions on others.
    4. Who is your favorite author? Don't have one, though David Sedaris always cracks me up.
    5. If you could be a pair of shoes, what kind of shoes would they be? Comfortable (non-Croc like Crocs). Comfort is key and the non-Croc looking Crocs always shock people - they aren't ugly.
    6. Twilight. Love it? Hate it? ;) (If you don't know what it is, lucky you.) Haven't seen any of them or read the books.
    7. (Besides blogging,) what's your favorite hobby? Exercising, though I don't do it enough.
    8. Are you a fan of eggs? What kind? Yes. Scrambled or fried.
    9. Where is the most exotic place you've ever traveled? Nigeria, though I didn't find it too exotic since I know family there.
    10. What's the WORST thing you've ever eaten. (If it's your mother-in-laws cooking, I'll never tell...) Workmates paella - everyone bragged about it, but I found it to be seasonless and tasteless.
    11. Can you keep a house plant alive? Wouldn't want to since they come with bugs - don't want those in my house.

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