Saturday, May 19, 2012

Questions and Randomness...what? It's Saturday.

I've been absent this week.  My other life has been intruding--you know, my life as a spy.  Or a zombie.  They are pretty much the same thing.  Anyway, imagine my surprise and delight at being awarded two blog awards from my friend Siv Marie over at Been there, Done that. And from my blogging buddy Liwi at Lifles Trifles.  If you haven't been around to their blogs, check them out, they are delightful!

So,I am supposed to answer the following questions, then tell you some random here goes!

What is your favorite song?
My favorite song right now is "Beauty in the World" by Macy Grey.   She rocks the reminder that there is beauty in the world if we just pay attention.  Also, I love anything by the Indigo Girls because it is still 1989 and I can't find my Aqua Net.

What is your favorite dessert?
Pie.  My momma's chocolate pie.  Or cake.  Or anything that my friend Sassy Britches makes.  Because I think she puts drugs in her food--but my mom may put drugs in her food too and that's what it tastes so good and why I'm shaped like a bundt cake.  See, there was no hope.

When you are upset, what do you do?
I walk.  I'm like Forrest Gump, except not so tall, and I'm not a man, and I don't plan on running across the United States seven hundred times and I don't think that life is like a box a chocolates, it's more like a Shepherd's Pie.  Some of it's meaty, some of it's fluffy and some of it I'd just rather skip.

What was my favorite pet?
I am not a pet owner, and I never owned a pet as a kid either.  Although my dad was notorious for planting and then cutting down trees.  He'd plant them, let them grow for a couple of years then yank them out.  There was a nectarine tree that we all loved a lot, until my dad sent it to the great big tree farm in the sky.
Does that count?

What do you prefer to wear, black or white?
Black.  Because I'm the female version on Johnny Cash.  But with less addiction and musical talent.

What is your biggest fear?
Falling down the stairs at church and screaming, "@#!%$&*!!!" as loud as possible.

What is your attitude mostly?
Annoyingly optimistic.  I even annoy myself.

What is perfection to you?
Well, according to the Greeks, perfection translates to the word "telios" meaning wholeness.  So when Jesus said, "Be ye therefore Perfect." He was really saying "be ye therefore whole." So the question I guess is, what is wholeness to me?  Wholeness to me is being kind, loving, generous and living simply--and paying attention to the joy along the road.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Hmmmmm...I look forward to every evening after the kids are in bed and Mountain Man and I catch up on the day, tell each other the juiciest work gossip and wrestle with life's great questions like, "How long to you think it will take to get the front porch painted?"

Ten Random Things about me: 

  • I have a favorite pair of shoes that make me feel like I own the planet...or maybe just France, Italy and part of Montreal.  
  • I make a lot of lists.  I like to cross things off and feel like I accomplished something, even if its, "got out of bed".  
  • I can tap dance.  But rarely do, which is really just a crying shame, because there should be more tap dancing in the world. 
  • I loathe cooking dinner each night.  It has less to do with cooking than it does having a PLAN of what to cook. But if you can't find me at 6 pm, I'm probably hiding under the bed.  
  • I rarely sleep through the night, troubled by such questions as, "How will I kill the raiding hordes of zombies that will inevitably come in 2012?" and "Did I pay the water bill?"  You see, they are equally as important.
  • I am so glad summer vacation is on it's way so I can finally stop sharing my children with the public school system that I lovingly refer to as "The Man."  I'm sick of the The Man and his rules like, "Be here on time!" and "You can't wear pajamas to school."  Seriously, Man, get over yourself.  You're fired.  
  • I like to sleep in, when I sleep that is...
  • I NEVER, EVER answer my front door--because how do you think the zombies are going to sneak in?  Obviously, they will knock and come through the front door, because zombies are polite and etiquette aware...right?  
  • This is the daily dialogue I have with myself:  Today I will give up Diet Coke...."But I love it."  No!  No more chemicals!  "But it tastes so good!" You are oozing formaldehyde! "But it's the elixir of life!" At this point I usually crack open a cold one and enjoy every carbonated ounce with glee.  
  • I like dangley earrings.  I once pierced my ear in a mall bathroom because the jewelry store wouldn't pierce my ear up in the cartilage because I was under eighteen.  It was unsanitary, but I still have the hole, and my ear didn't fall off.  

And the Awards go to.....

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Jenny at The Modest Peacock
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Tell me something about YOU now...:)


  1. Next time I see you we are going to have to tap dance together! Perhaps downtown where the whole world can see us!

    1. Only if I can sing while I tap! ;)

  2. Awww, thank you for passing the awards to me! I'm in a mad frenzy of getting ready for a festival, but when it's over (2 weeks) I am going to pay due attention to my blog and answer the questions/pass the awards along! :) Oh, and reply to your letter! O_o Life is so crazy busy right now!!!! :)

    1. Breathe, Jenny!! Breathe!!!! :) Just enjoy the moment! xo!

  3. Congratulations on your awards, and for passing them on to me! :-) I love your fear of falling down the stairs at church - that made me chuckle. I'm already thinking about my random facts...

  4. The shoes? You have tap dance shoes!?!?! I would be rocking those things everywhere if i knew how to dance. Dinner cleanup would be a show. Adding some jazz hands, i would festive up the grocery store parking lot and produce section. You are one hip rockin square toothed girl! I didn't used to think about all...and now I am not sure if I am sad and scared to have been enlightened, or once again-relieved to know the signs! Congrats on your awards and thankyouverymuch for sharing!!!!

    1. You'd be surprised just how UNCOOL I look when I tap dance--and then last week at our local farmer's market there was a group of "tapping grannies" at which point I turned to Mountain Man and said, "Don't ever let me do that." ;)

  5. Thanks, Lisa! I'm working on my post now.


  6. I feel the exact same way about diet coke..what do they put in that stuff? Crack?? I'm pretty sure yes. Earrings are wonderful, I would be terrified to pierce my ear myself, but good thing yours didn't fall off!

    1. Or maybe heroin. I just can't tell...all I know is, is that I'm an addict!

  7. Lisa, thanks for the most amazing awards! I will wear them proudly on my blog.

  8. I love your idea of perfection is wholeness because to be whole is to be perfect :-D

    I also don't like planning the meals, it is panic inducing at times. The best is when I can sit down over the weekend and make a meal plan for the week. It doesn't happen too often, but when it does it's like I've won the lottery.

    1. I am TOTALLY with ya on the plan thing...when it does, I truly have made my own day!

  9. thanks for the awards, Lisa! Now I have to think...

    I am also a planner, and I own the most awesome shoes/boots. Most comfortable things on earth. And, God is the center of my life.

  10. Congratulations!!

    I love your comparison of life being like Shepards pie. I, too, am a fan of lists. I guess to be more productive and be able to cross more things off, I could also start adding things like, "get out of bed". Thanks for the idea.

  11. Thank you for including me, Lisa! YAY! Sorry I have not responded. My real true liufe has got in the way of my blog life and won this past week. I am honored and will do this post soon. i've had a bit of writer's block so this is great! Thank again!