Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Beautiful Things Thursday

Magnolia, Rain, Flooded Basement my mom.  We chatted this morning for an hour and I was reminded again what wonderful, generous and loving parents I have.  I was recently reminded in a book given to me by a dear friend that, "There are no motes or beams in God's rest."  I'm grateful for two spectacularly funny parents who have always shown this very philosophy to their mouthy, sassy and irreverent daughter every chance they have.

Rain.  Lightening and thunder hovers over the wee "mountains" (remember, I'm most recently from Montana, and compared to those beauties, the little Blues really are just wee ones)  in the distance.  The sky is my favorite Montreal color blue, and I am reminded of home.

Flooded Basement.  We are affectionately calling our recently flooded basement "The Great Flood of 2012." It will be remembered as the basement flood that rivaled Noah's in the history books.  If I wrote the mildew that accumulated in my basement without me knowing over two days a thank-you note, it would say,
 Dear Mildew, 
        Thanks for making me ask myself, "What is that smell?" every time I walked into the house over the last week.  Your vile and putrid stench of decay was the one thing that alerted me to your presence in the basement that serves as our haven for spiders and mice--oh and our kids' playroom.  Without you, all the spiders, mice and children would still be wet. 
 Additionally, thank you for providing the opportunity for me to clean out the spider and children haven and pass on some of their toys to others to enjoy.
        Also, I'd like to thank you for making the basement rugs smell so that I could fling them over our new pergola so our house looks like a Turkish rug store.  It makes me feel very exotic and international, a feeling which I always enjoy.    
                                                                    All my best, 

So, those are my three beautiful things today.

What are yours?


  1. My three? Hmmm...oh, I sorted through my quilting stash and found amazing fabrics; my pg daughter called to tell me about indigestion; and, the moon is beautiful tonight!

    That mildew may become mould, so watch your basement, and set up heaters & fans!

    1. Heaters and fans are ON!! :) So, heaters and fans would be my fourth beautiful thing!

  2. Mid-day sunshine that made me ponder leaving work to go mow the lawn, a subsequent rainstorm and getting to hear the Poet Laureate of Washington State tonight. All beautiful.

  3. hopefully sun will heal the carpets!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  4. We have to dry out our crawl space after the snowy season and rains. Just a thought you may want to ponder.
    My three: Always my kiddos. Always; no wild fires happening in our area right now; it's Friday. Do those work?

  5. Absolutely!!

    The good thing about our basement is the fact that as porous as it is to the rain, it also dries out extremely fast--and I am grateful for it! :)

  6. Oooooh, you are exotic (I recognized the signs)