Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Lake

Every summer, we get to disappear for a few days to the lake of my childhood and youth.   

Here, young dreams were built in the sand.  Treasure was hunted (and sometimes purchased), and young love bloomed with handsome and heart crushing boys.  This is the place I return to each summer.  Under the warmth of sun, with water lapping against the beach,  friends await. 

The Lake is enchanting.  Nestled in the mountains, we stay in the "hippy shack".  A round cabin, like an upscale yurt, the porch wraps half way around the house.  Treasured branches, nests, and an abandoned beehive decorate the outside.  An evil eye hangs in the window, warding off anyone who would seek to do harm to this sweet paradise.  The hippy shack is so magical that even as you drive up the lane, you feel yourself unwind and all those things that worry you somehow float up up and away into nothingness.  

We sleep late--but stay up later.  We drink our weight in Diet Coke everyday.  We don't cook, we graze-- and the children don't bathe.    

There's no television, or wi-fi and we couldn't be happier because of it.  There's plenty of downtime, card playing, creating, discussing, swimming, and enjoying.  

At the end of our time there, I always take my kids to the Lodge for lunch on the way out of town.  My darling dad took me there every time we went to the lake--just me and him. It's one of those treasured memories I reflect on often now that he's gone...and the magic of life continues.  

Have a fabulous weekend.  I hope you all find a treasured corner of paradise...
even if just for a moment. 

Do you have a magical place that the very thought of it makes you giddy with joy?


  1. Have a great trip. You deserve a lot of magic. Be safe, love ya

  2. Have so much fun!! Mine is the San Juan Islands, out on a boat. No cellphones. just me and the waves and whatever book I'm reading ;)

  3. How sweet. Enjoy it!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  4. My place is the island of Martha's Vineyard, just reading your posts made me think of summers there. I hope you have a wonderful trip!!

  5. Nauset Beach in Cape Cod...and bookstores!

    Have a wonderful time!

  6. That sounds like a great place.

    The place I love to be is in my hometown - and I live a 20 min bus journey away from it in the next town. Plymouth Hoe is a natural harbour, and I'm sure I've put photos up on my blog before now. It's one of my favourite places in the world.