Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mormon Diaries, a Review

Being a blogger has some amazing perks.  One of them is sometimes reading fellow blogger's manuscripts before they are published.  My friend, Sophia Stone, has written a beautiful book about her spiritual journey through Mormonism. 

Here's a brief summary: 

Brought up in a religious home, Sophia believes the only way to have a forever family is by following church leaders and obediently choosing the right. She goes to the right school, marries the right man in the right place, and does the right thing by staying home to raise her children. But when she starts asking questions about grace, love, and the nature of God, she realizes her spiritual struggles could rip her family apart.

Joanna Brooks, Book of Mormon Girl author, wrote, “Sophia Stone has a fine eye and a searching heart. Her story of growing up in and reaching through her Mormonism for a deeper, more authentic spirituality reflects all the ways that religion can both keep us satisfied easy answers and push us to more difficult and complicated realizations. We need a hundred more books like this one . . . “ 

“Sophia Stone captured my attention from the beginning. This collection of personal essays, about questioning the legitimacy of Mormonism after having faith in the religion for the first 30-something years of her life, is not just a controversial quake to a reader’s heart and soul. Stone’s voice is brave, bold and intriguing. And surprisingly relatable to someone who is not religious.”—Jessica Bell, author of String Bridge 

Lucky me, I got to read an advance copy of Mormon Diaries. It is superb. Sophia Stone expertly took me by the hand and into her experience through Mormonism. She reveals the joy, questions and ultimate heartache that we all must face if we are looking religion to offer us easy answers. This is an important book for anyone who's struggled with their own spiritual journey.  

Here's a lovely trailer too...


You can download Mormon Diaries by Sophia L. Stone from your favorite eBook seller.


  1. This book is similar to "Book of Mormon Girl", which is also available as an eBook. Some women may feel uncomfortable reading about a fellow sister who has been on her personal spiritual journey and chosen to leave the LDS church. We each have our own spiritual journey, and it never ends. We each have our "all is well in Zion" spiritual times, and I think that most of us have our days where we need to search within ourselves to find out what and why we believe. It is important to remember that there is The Gospel, and then there is church culture. It is said that, too often, making judgment can become a part of church culture. It was beautiful to know that this woman's husband chose to love her and respect her, even when she made the decision to make a spiritual choice that veered away from his own. It is so important to respect each soul's right to make their own decision. After all, isn't Free Agency one of our greatest gifts from God? Earlier this week, I saw a poster -- "Don't Judge .... You don't know what challenges I have chosen for her. signed, God." The way we treat each person who makes a choice different than our own will affect them throughout their entire spiritual journey. I find reading other's experiences helps me to understand them better. It has not shaken my own faith, it has only helped me learn to love and understand that learning experiences are different for each of us.
    By the way, I don't know how to post a comment to a blog right, so I entered this as anonymous, but this is Ellen Collette.

    1. Ellen, I love your words and they are so wonderful and full of love! Your beautifully expressed sentiments are the reason I chose to post a review about Mormon Diaries.
      When it's all said and done, it's only love that matters....

  2. Love the post and Ellen's comment...eage to check out the book!

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