Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 5 of Giving Thanks, or, Treasure Each Other

Unemployment is TOTALLY agreeing with the Square Toothed/Mountain Man clan. Of course there's that pesky little detail of income, but because we haven't seen much of the big guy in five years, this time off feels like a sabbatical--or maybe just a really long vacation. Either way, there's a lot about having Mountain Man home all the time that I love.

Take this morning, we went for a run and as we were running in a nearby park, a woman I see almost everyday (but usually alone) stopped us. I don't even know her name, but we have a relationship nonetheless. We exchange a little "good day to you" every time we pass one another in the park.

Today, our exchange was completely different.

As we drew closer along the sidewalk, her face registered surprise at the tall man running next to me.
As we neared her we both stopped to say hello. Without preamble, she touched my arm and Mountain Man's chest and said, "Treasure each other. Treasure each other every, single day. My sweetheart is in a home suffering from Alzheimer's."
"Treasure each other," she said one last time and turned and walked away.

Mountain Man and I kind of stood there in solemn silence for a moment.

As we began walking, no longer running, we took one another's hands, treasuring the moment; treasuring each other.

What are you grateful for today?


  1. I am grateful that there are people in the world like this lady - they help us to appreciate the really important things in life.

  2. Beautiful post! But I think it is obvious in your writing that you and Mountain Man already do treasure each other; I think it was obvious to her, too, even when you were just running along together, side by side. Some things you just can't hide, lol! Still, how wonderful that she took the time to encourage you to keep on keeping on. :)

    I, too, am grateful for people like this lady, for the many nameless relationships we have in this life that encourage us or speak words we need to hear. Angels in disguise, perhaps?! Enjoy your time in the unemployment line!!!

  3. I am grateful that you share your tales! xoxox

  4. truly wonderful advice and oh by the way i really love you two

  5. A big AWWWWWWW here. *sniffs* Yes, treasure one another. Best advice ever.